Oh I had such grand

Oh I had such grand plans this morning after getting back to the 'real' world, but as happens so often, the real world got in the way. Now it's late and I'm frustrated by computer eccentricities so maybe what I need is to act on my recent roadsign epiphany.

Flipping through a magazine, I came upon a slightly altered roadsign reading 'DO NOT PASS JOY' in an Audi ad. Later that day, the illustration for a Metropolitan Home article on the
Tate Modern showed a closeup of a street sign related to the construction work, 'CHANGED PRIORITIES AHEAD'. And the culmination on the following day was seeing a sign/graffiti combination of 'STOP WORKING'. Should I buy the Audi? Should I plan for my sabbatical in London rather than Paris? And should I stay there when it ends? Just imagining the possibilities will probably be enough to get me back to my computer with renewed spirit tomorrow morning.