July has almost passed, it

July has almost passed, it seems, before I got through my list of things to get done in July, and I'm sure before we know it, it will be Thanksgiving and then the inevitable questioning of how one's to celebrate New Year's Eve will begin, and the year will slip away, as it has so many times before. But before that happens, I'd really like to get some more stuff accomplished, because heck, the end of the year means my birthday, and then I'll be 29, and I'm not ready to be 29 yet. I don't have any kids, I'm not even married, and I always thought I'd be married and have kids by the time I was 29. And my books, the books I'd always thought I'd write, not even one is done yet! Crap, worse than that, not one is even begun. And the house that I'd own, well things are moving slowly on that front, since my house-down-payment account is in the red at the moment. At least I have a car. My PhD is behind schedule though, way behind schedule…but it's ok. It's all ok, because there are things happening that were never on my schedule, that I never planned on, never expected to happen this year, or ever, in my life. And when these things swirl together to create my life, I realize that there's no other way it could ever be.