There are all these thoughts

There are all these thoughts and little scraps of paper floating around on my desk and in my head, postlets waiting for attention from me so they can become something bigger, something more, but I don't have the time it seems, I don't even have the time for a weblog. What's the world coming to when even the easiest format isn't easy enough? Maybe the sky *is* falling. Or maybe it's the long long days cranking out something really cool and new and exciting (yeah, I asked for beta users on the Blogger site, want in?) that I can't wait to release, maybe it's adjusting to digging into code again and shrugging off the outside world: the people who speculate on my love life, the people who question the value of what I create in my work life. Maybe I'm too tired to lash out at everyone and answer any questions and I just want to focus and get some stuff done and not worry about all the talking. I want doing. I want to be doing. And now that it's Friday and it's done and I'm exhausted and my car is all crappy (and I hate cars for the most part to begin with and have no idea if I were to buy a new car what kind of car I'd buy anyway…) and a whole slew of other stuff that's not worth delving into (because hell this site is a *blog* right, not a journal, like there's some fucking difference or something) so maybe I'll just feed you some links, that's what your here for right? Links links links. Bitch bitch bitch. megnut apologizes for this episode, it contains no smiles.