Happy Monday! megnut’s all about

Happy Monday! megnut's all about the smiles today, because today is the start of the week in which I'm going on vacation. Vacation? What? You didn't know? Yes, on Friday I'm going to Kauai for a week. Woo hoo! I've never been to Hawaii, so I'm very excited, and I can't wait to wander around the island, snorkel, go for long strolls along the beach, read and laze around, and be unplugged and away from work for seven days. Which means, no megnut updates from me. But, I didn't want to leave you hanging, so I've arranged for a guest host. Yeah, I know it's not an original idea or anything, and others have already done it. But I thought it would be neat, and more interesting than no updates at all. I toyed with the idea of writing a whole bunch of stuff in advance and asking someone to post it for me, but that seemed odd. And I toyed with the idea of writing fake updates pretending to be from Hawaii but really written in advance in SF. But that seemed silly. I also thought of inviting other people named Meg to participate, or having a "why I want to update megnut for a week" essay contest, with the winner receiving updating honors. But I was afraid no one would enter. So I've arranged for a secret guest host whose identity will be revealed right before I leave. The secret guest host doesn't have a site right now. And the secret guest host isn't someone you'd know from the web either. Isn't the suspense killing you already?

One of these new-fangled cars

One of these new-fangled cars is parked in front of my house, and damn, it's cool! It's dark green, so I'm especially partial to it, and it's parked in the smallest spot on the block, a spot so small that the curb is painted red because no car can really fit there without hanging over into people's driveways. It looks sort of like those cars you see in Europe, but somehow, it's cuter. It's the anti-SUV, and I want one!

July has almost passed, it

July has almost passed, it seems, before I got through my list of things to get done in July, and I'm sure before we know it, it will be Thanksgiving and then the inevitable questioning of how one's to celebrate New Year's Eve will begin, and the year will slip away, as it has so many times before. But before that happens, I'd really like to get some more stuff accomplished, because heck, the end of the year means my birthday, and then I'll be 29, and I'm not ready to be 29 yet. I don't have any kids, I'm not even married, and I always thought I'd be married and have kids by the time I was 29. And my books, the books I'd always thought I'd write, not even one is done yet! Crap, worse than that, not one is even begun. And the house that I'd own, well things are moving slowly on that front, since my house-down-payment account is in the red at the moment. At least I have a car. My PhD is behind schedule though, way behind schedule…but it's ok. It's all ok, because there are things happening that were never on my schedule, that I never planned on, never expected to happen this year, or ever, in my life. And when these things swirl together to create my life, I realize that there's no other way it could ever be.

Um, The Beach stunk, and

Um, The Beach stunk, and even Leo couldn't save it, cute as he is. It didn't really address the difficult questions that are inevitable when a group forms it's own distinct and isolated society: how do we govern ourselves? How do we choose a leader and delegate responsibility? And it seriously suffered from Gilligan's Island-itis: men and women, stranded for six years on a tropical island, and no babies. And no mention of birth control. And please don't tell me they weren't having sex, because that is absurd.

Yesterday someone asked me if

Yesterday someone asked me if the dot-com slowdown/fall-out had affected me. I said, no, not really. Little did I know how soon that statement would come back to haunt me. As I checked out last night at Kozmo, I was told, "Kozmo has a five dollar minimum order." This was news to me, there'd been no message on the front page to tell me their policy had changed. Last time I ordered, several weeks ago, there'd been no minimum. I guess keeping a staff on hand to deliver movies to my door at $3.99 a pop isn't as viable as they thought. (I know they really didn't think it was viable, right, they were just hooking me in, but what they didn't realize is that it's all about the videos for me, not about the instant delivery of any random item. At least, not yet.) They suggested I buy a Coke for $1.25. I rented a second movie instead. Perhaps it's time to bite the bullet, buy a DVD player, and switch to Netflix.

Ken from Boston writes: “The

Ken from Boston writes: "The Eminenya tune is being played on WBCN here in the Boston area. I heard it on my way home tonight." Wowzers! I hope this leads to an Eminenya later this year…I think I'd consider paying to hear it live, wouldn't you? (Ok, maybe I wouldn't.)

Have you ever been sitting

Have you ever been sitting in your chair at work, moved slightly to the left, and had a sudden rush of fear because you hadn't buckled your seat belt, only to realize that you're in a chair *at work* and that your office chair doesn't have a seat belt? No? Oh well, I guess it's just me then.

megnut’s weekend list of things

megnut's weekend list of things seen: a man catching a fish (a fairly big fish), a momma raccoon and six babies crossing a street (kind of cute even though I usually don't like raccoons), a baby bunny eating grass on the lawn a few feet from where I sat drinking my soy latte (reminded me of the traps I used to set when I was little involving the placement of a carrot beneath a cardboard box propped up on a stick, never successful), run lola run (excellent, recommended), the iron giant (again, so good, again), a pesky bee (wanted the food being cooked out on the grill, yummy burgers and such), and real pretty sky filled with pink and purple and clouds so big and puffy and sky so long and high and trees and grass so green and lush you can't remember what dry looks like.