Suggestions that water may be

Suggestions that water may be lurking just below the Martian surface? There's only one way to get to the bottom of this for certain: send an expedition, stat! But who? Certainly some experienced astronauts to pilot the spacecraft (I'm sure we could just retrofit the Shuttle, right? Um, wait, then we'd be stuck on Mars…) anyway, someone to fly there and land, someone to do the scientific stuff, like collect samples, and catalogue them, etc. and someone to write about it and log it for billions back on Earth to read on the web. This someone, let's call her, for the sake of argument, megnut, could also snap some cool photos and post them online, and make friends with the aliens (who are sure to pop out from behind the rocks once the crew lands, I mean, they keep shooting down all our landers, right? Um, wait, what if they shoot us down? Well, ignore that thought.). Sound like a plan? I thought so! Email NASA, tell them I'm on my way to the Cape and to fire up the rockets.