My bad coffee karma continues:

My bad coffee karma continues: last night as I was washing my French press coffee pot, I dropped it into my sink. Only a little though, I mean, it was a short fall, and it just really clanked against another glass. I inspected and with relief noted it was intact. A little while later, I decided to brew up a pot. I poured the boiling water in, let it sit on my countertop for about five minutes to brew, then began le press, as I like to say, it being a French press and all. Imagine my horror when boiling water blended with very fine coffee particles shot out the side of the pot, projectile-like. It took me several seconds to figure out what was happening (I was tired, that's why I was making the coffee) and I thought at first that it was coming out of the top. Then I noticed a GIANT crack along the whole side, now more of a gaping coffee wound oozing the steaming sludge onto my countertop. Note if this happens to you: don't attempt to clean it up right away. Boiling water = very hot water. Best to let it sit for a while as you slog into the living room to watch the Simpsons, which allows for ample cooling time. Then clean up the mess, and bemoan the loss of your coffee pot. And contemplate your next step. Mine? I just may buy an espresso machine. But that's a story for another time.