What’s the one talent you

What's the one talent you wish you had that you don't possess? For me, it's singing. I wish I could sing really well, you know, just open my mouth and the sound would be something soothing and beautiful. It doesn't have to be opera quality or anything like that, just nice. Just nice and good. I was reminded of this last night when I saw Aimee Mann and Michael Penn at Bimbo's. Mann's voice is wonderful without being overbearing, and the powerful simplicity of her lyrics blended with her acoustic strummings made for a wonderful show. Add Michael Penn (who looked uncannily like web superstar Lane Becker from our seats) in there, and I was happy listening land the whole time. Highly recommended. Oh, and they had a standup comic, Patton Oswalt, open and do stuff during the show that was pretty damn funny.