I’m a big dork when

I'm a big dork when it comes to movies, and somehow I always manage to *not* see the movies everyone else has seen a gazillion times. Like any movie that has Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. Like The Matrix. You get the idea. But this afternoon, feeling low-down and tired, watching the gray raindrops plopping down outside my window, I watched The Iron Giant. It was so good. And it brought a smile to my face. A big smile. I'm dying to watch it again (maybe tomorrow night), I just loved all the sequences with the Giant, especially the scenes when parts of him were opening and closing and launching and twisting and twirling and whirring and doing all those kind of Transformer-esque things that robots can do. And you know what's extra cool? My brother gave me a little plastic Giant toy tonight that I'm going to put on my desk first thing tomorrow. Also cool: the name Hogarth. If I ever have a boy, I'm going to name him Hogarth. Hogarth Hourihan. That's one weird name.

My take on having three days of vacation? Mmmm….vacation. <drool> Activities with friends sure beats work, even when work pretty much consists of activities with friends. And I always find being offline and not dealing with email and not browsing the web very refreshing. I feel recharged, and I'm quite looking forward to going back tomorrow.

My take on the Webbys? Fun enough. But the after-party was too damn cold. My top had no back (somehow this wasn't captured on any of the digital cameras in attendance that evening, I'm not sure how that's possible, but c'est la vie), and even though they piped heat into the tents, it really wasn't sufficient to keep me warm. And there was no sushi. My favorite acceptance speech? "Everyone likes the licky-licky." I like the licky-licky. And I don't even know what it is.