In honor of 0sil8’s fourth

In honor of 0sil8's fourth birthday today, may I recommend an episode for your viewing pleasure? 13.013 Words is my favorite 0sil8 (I think that's kind of like picking a favorite parent or child though). What makes it my favorite? The fact that it's so simple, yet so powerful. The lush image coupled with a word creates a dichotomy which derails my brain each time. Each one leaves me staring at my screen, sometimes horrified, sometimes embarrassed, sometimes smiling, but always impressed. And inspired.

I finally saw The Matrix

I finally saw The Matrix over the weekend (I know I know, I don't know how I can call myself a geek…) and I guess I agree with everyone who's said I look like Switch. I mean, our hair is the same color. And we're female. So I guess that's cool.

After four days away from

After four days away from email, what a treat to find an Eminenya song in my Inbox from Eamon in addition to the mounds of spam and work-related junk. After a four hour flight and a time change, I found myself at 12:45 am California time giggling aloud in my chair. The blend is everything I had imagined. Let's all give it up for Eamon who thankfully has more motivation and musical mixing talent than I.

Have you seen the recent

Have you seen the recent Webvan tv campaign, the one that highlights some annoying aspect of supermarket shopping, like the scanner at the checkout doesn't always work, or those plastic bags in the produce section are hard to open? Did you notice that no where in the ad do they mention the URL for Webvan, or even the *concept* of Webvan, i.e. buying your groceries online? All they say is "same groceries, no store." No wonder Americans aren't flocking to buy groceries online, how do they know that service is even available? Not from watching the Webvan ads, that's for sure.

If I were in a

If I were in a good mood, and by extension, a good writing mood, I'd tell you about this funny idea of combining Eminem's lyrics and Enya's angelic, organic (I mean like from an organ, not from the earth) notes to create the powerhouse sounds of Eminenya. And I'd also probably write something about how interesting I found this statement of Jessica's, "on trips, you realize that, in everyday life, you too easily lose touch with too much," and add some observations and experiences of my own. But I'm not in the mood, so I'm not going to. Instead I'm going to say: I so can't wait to fly away on Friday and so so can't wait until the plane lands and I so so so can't wait until I step off of it.