Kozmo’s been one of my

Kozmo's been one of my favorite things since I first heard about it last fall. Always prompt, always simple, they eased the pain of a lonely night with a video, in under an hour. They recently redesigned (everyone else was, so why the heck not?) and I have to say, it is not an improvement. First off, you *have* to sign in to do anything. Period. You can't even browse and see what they're about without creating an account or signing in. If I didn't already have an account, I don't know if I'd appreciate being bullied into creating one sight unseen. They also added a field called "zip code" to the user sign in. Huh? Why make me type this in? You already have my zip code, why do I need to tell it to you? And the two things I was looking for in the redesign, the two things that would have made it easier for me, the customer, to order movies (or any other of their myriad items, I'm now calling them "The Amazon of One Hour Delivery") quickly and easily aren't there. All I really wanted was a "remember me" feature and one-click ordering. I guess I'll continue to use Kozmo, but not with the joy that I used to.