I’ve been thinking more and

I've been thinking more and more about this long vs. short post thing in relation to my browsing/reading habits and I've concocted this overly-simple theory: If you're a boa constrictor type of reader, you like to go to a page, ingest a really big juicy post, and then let it be absorbed over the next week, until you return and feed on another. Boa constrictors like Ben. And maybe Ben is a boa constrictor? But I'm more of a hummingbird. I whiz around from site to site, constantly trying to suck up little droplets of nectar, and I return several times a day to nourish myself at the same sites. When I fly to sites where nothing is written for days on end, I get so sad, because I'm hungry, I want more sweet tasty droplets. Maybe I'm a greedy hummingbird? But I just can't read, then slither off to digest until another big chunk is placed before me, five or six days hence.

[Disclaimer: this post reinforces the idea that it's an either/or situation, and I think weblogging (or whatever you want to call it) is far too fuzzy for this to be true. But I liked the analogy, so I thought I'd share. But don't feel you have to email me with all kinds of critiques as if this were some well-reasoned argument or intellectual observation because it's not. It's goofy. And silly. And I like boa constrictors a lot.]