and it's not that many it's just seeming that way because it's all teeming right now i talked to janeane garofalo at club deville she said "put that on your web" and i didn't talk to noah wylie on the flight from austin to dallas and jake and i got interviewed on tv and writing it all down makes me feel like i want to sound like someone special when really i'm no one except me at all and i too got a crush at sxsw but am too afraid to do anything about it unlike the amazing jack or others i know maybe love just continues to elude me or maybe i've become very good at eluding love but that's not a complaint i just want to get it all out of my head and put it somewhere else but i think something's blocking part of the flow and gomez has been my soundtrack for days and the jungle brothers made me boogie and one night i walked home in the cold alone which seemed normal which seemed like home and i haven't felt so tired so inspired so sad when something came to an end in a long time i hate the end i hate the goodbyes i hate the walking away and not talking again the forced ignoring the inevitable end of the friendship i'm not talking about sxsw anymore i mean i'm not talking about sxsw right now and why do cat sitters make me so mad when i should just feel grateful that my cat's been fed? and coming home i realize everything's just as i left it (only a little bit dirtier) and that's not necessarily good.

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