Who thought Texas could be

Who thought Texas could be so cold? Damn cold. A giant thunderstorm blew through town in the late afternoon and dropped the temperature about twenty (I'm not kidding!) degrees and now no matter how quickly I type, my hands just won't respond. And it was so cold that I bailed on the giant line for The Jayhawks ('cause I can't say I even recall listening to their music though pb claims he plays them often in the office) and cruised back alone to the hotel. It was really nice to walk alone with my thoughts to myself. Even though those thoughts were watch out for the puddle and walk faster, walk faster, it's freezing. Well, some of them weren't. Some of them were about new friends. Some of them were about the excitement I feel to get back to California, see my kitty, and get to work building stuff. Some of them were about getting into a warm bed with a good book and reading until my eyes just close.