Last night I was watching

Last night I was watching tv and I saw an ad for a Hyundai SUV (I think it was Hyundai), anyway, the SUV was crowd surfing at a rock concert (honestly) and then there was this disclaimer that said something like, "Car for use on open road only. Do not drive on people." Can you imagine the meeting where that decision was made?

Marketing Department, upon reviewing the ad:
Cyndi: "I really like the message, the car is one with the people."
Bob: "I'm on the same page as Cyndi here regarding the message, but I've got some issues. What if people think they can drive this car on people?"
Jeffrey: "Hmmm…interesting point, Bob. Let's talk to Robert in Legal about this one."
Robert (from Legal): "Way to be on the ball with this one, team. The Company could lose big with a lawysuit over this. Let's put a disclaimer in the ad (in very small print) that says, 'Do not drive on people.' That'll dissuade them."
Cyndi: "I like that idea, Robert. That works for me."
Jeffrey: "Me too! Good going team, we've averted disaster on this one!"