I’m 38% bitch. How bitchy

I'm 38% bitch. How bitchy are you? I don't know why I like these tests, but I do. What's funny is that one of the questions asks "How many people have you broken up with?" which got me thinking about old relationships where my role was the dumper. Back in college I dumped this guy (gosh that word is so harsh), let me restate, I ended things with someone I'd been seeing for a little over a month, and he STOLE my bicycle. Isn't that strange? Every time I've been dumped, I've felt sad, but I've never felt the urge to steal someone's bike. Have you? Is that a common reaction, the urge to steal an ex's belongings? I wish I had comments implemented here, I'd like to hear about your strange breakup stories. You can always email me.