I don’t really mention anywhere

I don't really mention anywhere on this site (aside from in random posts) the names of sites I read on a regular basis. I guess I could, but until my recent design changes, I didn't have a good place to do it. Now I have the place, but not the inclination (it's laziness and an aversion to linking to only a few people when I read a lot of different sites, if you must know). But I wanted to spotlight Metafilter. Yeah yeah, you're probably already reading it, it's not like it's new or hasn't been linked to by others. But until recently, I was only checking it a couple times a week, and then something happened. And now I check it every day, several times a day. And I love the community that's grown there, and the fresh links, and the foray into the forefront of blogging that's taking place everyday. (wow)