Sometimes I actually click on

Sometimes I actually click on ads, and almost every time I do, I find myself waiting for a page to load, and thinking, "why oh why did I do this?" Today's folly: boo. While getting my weekly fill of Filler, I saw an ad for some clothes. Since I can't find clothes I like, I clicked to be ported to a world of magical web-based clothes the likes of which I dream. Yeah, right. The first page opened, only to launch a second page, which is like completely in Flash or something, I don't even know. But it took about twenty seconds to load. And then was hard to navigate, and on and on. I won't bore you with any more details. Needless to say, it raises a few questions in my mind: Who has time to shop at this rate? It would be hours before I'd browse, select, "try on" (yes, that was one of the options, must be some sort of VRML thing?), and purchase a t-shirt. And who wants such fancy navigation and images and modeling. Give me a quality .jpg and show me all the colors. I can go from there. And did I mention Miss Boo, who popped up in her own window and wanted to "rap with me" while I shopped?