Blogger makes a difference! SAN

Blogger makes a difference!

SAN FRANCISCO – Industry insiders have reported a huge increase in the number of posts to fledgling weblog project me over the past few days. The apparent cause? A migration to Blogger.

Prior to using Blogger, project me averaged a single post every three days. Now, powered by Blogger, project me contains eight posts since February 6th! An impressive turn-around, says Pyra co-founder Meg Hourihan, "what we see here is the remarkable, overnight transformation of project me from a 'constipated' weblog, one with very few posts, to a 'diarrhea' weblog, or one in which the posts just keep coming and coming." Can all sites achieve this type of output merely through a migration to Blogger? Says Hourihan, "well, certainly you need to have something to say, or Blogger doesn't do one bit of good."