I’ve been really impressed with

I've been really impressed with the calibre of these sites for a while now:
  . m e . u p d a t e d
       "I HAVE YET TO… buy lottery tickets, cigarettes, or porn…how dull."
       "I rock. But you didn't hear that from me."
       "more lying to teachers to get on the computer…"

What's amazing is that not one of them is even 18 yet! Hmm…somehow that seems like an age-ist statement, as if I don't expect good things from teenagers. That attitude would have pissed me off at that age a lot. Hmm…of course, I also have no perspective, because the web didn't exist when I was that age. All I did was chat on Compuserve a few times until I got scared off, and went back to writing stories and reading books. Anyway, my point: I like these sites a lot: nice design and great content.