I’m really busy and in

I'm really busy and in a pissy mood, so I figure I won't bore you with my distracted, and bitchy, observations for the time being. Should be all over by tomorrow, or I'll be moving away to France, in which case I most likely won't update megnut because I'll have some hot new French boyfriend to hang out with instead.

Some things are so strange.

Some things are so strange. I like to read the Boston Globe every once and awhile to keep abrest of what's happening back "home" and for some reason this morning I was drawn to the obituaries, where I discovered that a high school friend's father had passed away, and a high school teacher. How sad and how strange.

What’s the deal with the

What's the deal with the horoscopes at Yahoo! these days? Is it me or are they written for entrepreneurs? Every day there's some reference to venture capital, funding, work success, etc. I mean, it makes for fun reading for me, but are they really helpful (as if any horoscope is helpful, ha!) for housewives in Iowa?

I’m 38% bitch. How bitchy

I'm 38% bitch. How bitchy are you? I don't know why I like these tests, but I do. What's funny is that one of the questions asks "How many people have you broken up with?" which got me thinking about old relationships where my role was the dumper. Back in college I dumped this guy (gosh that word is so harsh), let me restate, I ended things with someone I'd been seeing for a little over a month, and he STOLE my bicycle. Isn't that strange? Every time I've been dumped, I've felt sad, but I've never felt the urge to steal someone's bike. Have you? Is that a common reaction, the urge to steal an ex's belongings? I wish I had comments implemented here, I'd like to hear about your strange breakup stories. You can always email me.

Texas: we’re #1 in executions!

Texas: we're #1 in executions! Whether she did it seems less important right now than asking: did she receive a fair trial? Was represented by an adequate, and competent, defense? And was evidence of her history of domestic abuse known to the jury? If the answer to a single one of these questions is not an unconditional yes, how can she be executed? And how can anyone involved in this case sleep at night with a clear conscience?