On cereal

[O]ne of every 11 boxes of cereal sold in America is a box of Cheerios! Who knew? Who even likes Cheerios? They get soggy too quickly, and they're not sweet at all. Aren't they sugar third? That's the only kind of cereal we could get in my house when we were little: sugar third. My brother and I had to look at the list of ingredients along the side of the box, and if sugar were the third ingredient listed, that cereal was sugar third, and we could get it. If sugar were listed second, or first, we had to put it back on the shelf. We were always trying to sneak a sugar first cereal into the shopping cart, burying it beneath other groceries, but my mom always spotted it when we got to the check out, and we had to go put it back.

Some yummy (I believe) sugar first and sugar second cereals: Booberry, Count Chocula, Apple Jacks, Cap'n Crunch series.