One size does not fit all

Does one size really fit all anymore? In the 80's we were all about big clothes, and no one seemed to mind if a free t-shirt they were given was gigantic and oversized. But I have to say, it just doesn't seem like that's been the case for awhile now. People have regained some sense and seem to wear more fitted clothes again (not including my brother). In the past two weeks, I've received two x-large t-shirts, one from hotjobs and one from clip2. Both are so big, I could wear them as dresses. Really. The lowest common denominator should not be the biggest common denominator. To all you free t-shirt senders out there, why not give us a choice? How about two sizes? Or how about sending mediums for a change, so that big people have to give their free stuff away to smaller people, rather than vice versa?