A look behind the megnut curtain

A curious megnut reader asks:

[I] especially loved your line about a cheerleader with acne the night before the prom. Do these things just roll out when you're blogging or do you actually have to spend some time thinking them up?

Answer: I spend many hours every night before bed with pad and pen, writing and rewriting potential megnut posts. Often I cross things out, (I feel like Carrie when they dumped pig's blood on her at the Prom Nah, too graphic) or rewrite obsessively until my writer's bump throbs (I feel like a college high school cheerleader who got a zit an acne breakout the day before the big Homecoming game the prom!)

Faithful readers, a weblog is *hard* work, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I spend hours a day perfecting my craft.