Just like evhead

Argh! I made this design the other day, prior to Ev's redesign, and now realize that our sites look totally the same. Crap. Well, I don't have time to fiddle with it right now, so look for another redesign very very soon.

My Magnolia review

After several weeks of hype, some friends and I went to see Magnolia last night. Dare I admit that I didn't like it? That not only did I not like it, I was bored? And antsy, and wanting to get up after about an hour, and that I even tried to take a nap in the middle, to no avail because I'd drunk a big Pepsi just before I went in? I've been thinking a lot about why I didn't like it: I had a hard time feeling compassion for any of the characters, and because the focus was changing constantly, just when I'd start to develop a connection with one person's tale, I'd be thrust into another's life. Add to that the pervasive pathetic self-serving behavior of almost everyone, and I found it hard to care. Especially for three hours. And I guess I was hoping for some kind of resolution, or more closure at the end. What was the point of the young boy rapping to the cop? And the woman who had a body in her closet? I guess I wanted more connection across the lives than singing the same song or being smited by frogs.

Fun with Barbies

Syl proposes a Cisco Barbie and I have to wonder, are the days of corporate-sponsored toys that far off? I hope not, then we could have Pyra Barbie (and Ken) who would come with:
– funky SOMA wardrobe

– bags under eyes from sleeping at office
– wrist braces to prevent/stave off carpel tunnel
– glasses from staring at monitor too much
– happy glow that comes from loving work

To India?

Today I mailed my application to go mountain climbing in India in the fall. It was scary because I realized that if I'm accepted, I'll have to go. And I could fall into a crevasse and die, or be killed by an avalanche, or maybe come fall I won't want to go, or so many cool things will be happening at work that I won't want to leave. But I faced my fears and sent it anyway.

Without the web, I am nothing

Argh, I'm having all kinds of strange network problems today and it's making me realize (once again) how addicted I am to the web. I can't get to some websites and I can't get on ICQ. I had to send an email to someone to make plans for tonight and it seemed so old-fashioned. I need the instant gratification of ICQ. Hmmm…I guess I could use the phone, but that seems intrusive. But is it anymore instrusive than ICQ?