My new boots

new bootsYesterday I bought the coolest boots ever, on sale too! They're even cooler than my "future boots." I call these my ├╝ber-boots, ooobees for short. So I went to the site to see if I could find a picture of the boots, which I couldn't. But I grabbed this logo instead, since I thought it was cool. Turns out they also make a brand of shoes called Nose, of which Ev owns a pair. We're just so hip here at Pyra! (I'll post a pic of the boots soon, as I'm sure you're dying to see them.)

Watching the watching

Big Brother rules 2000: "With some 75 square blocks of midtown from 35th to 59th Streets closed to all traffic, cars left on the streets will be towed while the police department's six helicopters hover over the city. Sharpshooters will be positioned on area rooftops and security cameras have been mounted atop lampposts."

pb: "Now if they hook those cameras into the web, that would be something cool!"

A good day

I've received condolences from several people on the Patriots loss, which is funny, because I was rooting for Buffalo! What?!? Loyal megnut readers may recall my affinity for the Pats, but I'm also a Buffalo fan, having been born there. So while I usually choose the Pats over the Bills, since the Bills have a playoff chance, and the Pats don't, I was rooting for the Bills. (Along with my dad, but my uncle and cousins were all rooting for the Pats.) So the overtime win was very sweet. My frozen toes were not. (Don't worry, they're thawed out now!)