Enjoying San Francisco

I should be working but some friends came into town and have reduced my productivity to 0. I blame Matt. This means I'm leaving the office to hit the streets, enjoy the weather, and most likely, spend some money I don't have.

A giggly day

I'm kind of hungover, more tired actually, and I've got the giggles. Worse than earlier this week. This week has been one of my silliest weeks in a while. Anyway, pb's report rant made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Till tears came out of my eyes. I don't really know why. It's just that kind of day.

Flipping the bird

While driving with Sailu to get supplies for our Halloween costumes, a woman cut us off, and I gave her The Finger. And then I realized, I don't ever give anyone The Finger! In fact, I can't remember doing it before, at least since I've been "grown-up." I think I'm going to start giving The Finger more.

MIA Amazon books

I've ordered a lot of books from Amazon over the past…well…long time and never experienced a problem. Until now. I received an email on Monday October 18 saying my order had been shipped. Hasn't arrived yet. I sent an email yesterday morning, haven't heard anything back. Is it possible that all this time Amazon was getting us hooked in, and now they've switched the whole thing to some giant internet book scam? Nah…I'm going to go upstairs and see if maybe my books were delivered this afternoon. Wish me luck!

Kunstler’s Home From Nowhere

I started reading Home From Nowhere awhile ago and put it down for some reason. I grabbed it this morning as I headed out the door and was again awash with thoughts. James Kunstler provides a great articulation of what's wrong with current urban and suburban development practices, how they weaken our society, and how to improve them.