The kindness of New Yorkers

Last night as I exited the subway, I stopped at the booth to have more money put on my MetroCard. As my transaction was being processed, a train pulled in. Several people began exiting through the turnstiles, while at the same time a woman came rushing into the station, mumbled about being in a hurry and missing the train, and got on line behind me. Just then, a woman exiting called out,

"Hey lady! Lady!"

We both turned.

"I just swiped my card so you could go through. Hurry! Don't miss your train!"

And with that, one woman dashed through the turnstile, calling out her thanks, and onto the uptown train. The other headed off into the evening. And I walked the whole way home with a smile, my mood brightened by what I'd witnessed.

Get the MUG

I subscribe to all sorts of daily and weekly emails but none please me as consistently as the Manhattan User's Guide. It's always the perfect length. It arrives in a timely fashion. It covers topics of interest to me (food & restaurants, shopping & services, neat things to do, etc.) and it does so with humor and insight. As a new New Yorker, it provides me with a wonderful blend of practical and special, giving me insider-like knowledge of all things Manhattan even though I've lived here less than six months. Best of all, it's free. If you live in NYC and you're not subscribed, I'd say you're missing out.

Christian Seder

As part of Passover, I knew Jews celebrated Seder but I wasn't aware of a Christian Seder movement. Reading the details, some of it makes sense. Some of it, "Seder is Christian and we can be confident that it will be a worthwhile experience because Jesus told us to do it," does not. For those that are celebrating, whether Christian or Jewish, Happy Passover! For those sweet-tooths that are celebrating, here are some recipes for Passover Tollhouse (chocolate-chip) cookies and Passover Chocolate Mandarin Torte. Yummy.

Female advice

I am probably the last person in the world to learn this, but in the off chance that I'm not, I wanted to share this fabulous discovery: ladies, if you wear a beige bra beneath white t-shirts or lightweight cotton blouses that are rather sheer, you get no bra outline! Stupid me, I usually wear white bras, and I could never figure out how to hide that horrid "bra outline" that appears. But now I know, it's all in the wearing of the beige bras. Of course, if your skin isn't a shade of beige, it probably won't work for you. So in that case I'd recommend a brown or black bra. But you get the point -- if bra matches skin, it doesn't show through shirt! But I bet your probably already knew that, didn't you?

Great thoughts from all

Thanks to everyone who's sent in thoughts about the cutting edge of blogging. The stuff I've gotten is really great. I think I'll post some of it to the site because a lot of it won't fit into my presentation but it's good stuff worth sharing. I thought "I want to be your naked personal assistant" from Candi had a lot of potential, but when I opened it, it turned out to address a different subject matter. Naked assistants and blogging, what more natural fit could there be?

Inferno reading in NYC

Tomorrow (Thursday) night at New York City's The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine (the largest cathedral in the world) from 9 PM to midnight there will be a reading of Dante's
The Inferno
. From the website: "New York poets and writers will read 'Inferno' by Dante Alighieri during the vigil on Maundy Thursday, the very hours Dante intended the events in this masterpiece to take place. Free admission."

Cutting edge blogging

I'm into the final push for my presentation, From the Margins of the Writable Web, for the Emerging Technology conference next week. I've been working on this for weeks now, but now I need you -- the general public -- to make sure I haven't missed any bleeding edge weblogging stuff (i.e. not warblogs or anything you'd read about in the paper). What's happening on the far-frontiers that I might have missed? If you've any ideas, please let me know via email. You'll get credit in my presentation if I use your example, of course. And I'll be posting the presentation afterwards to this site. Thanks for your help and participation, I appreciate it.

Words of wisdom

"Every woman needs the following: her 'fuck me' shoes and her 'don't fuck with me' shoes." - Heather Champ

An Open mind

ATTN: L'Oréal Marketing Dept.

RE: Round Two


After my inablity to achieve experte hair color last night (and as you now know, achieving instead garish results), I found myself Open to different hair colors. I sought something that would perhaps even out the cheetah-colored blend, while helping me, "see sparkling color alive with highlights." Alas, it turns out I am more than open about hair color, I am a foolish risk-taker who cannot learn a lesson. Didn't I learn about mixing red and blonde back in January '00?

It was the picture on the box that tricked me, mislead me, gave me hope. I wanted the "color that's never harsh, never fake." I wanted to be ZENITH 7c Copper Dark Blonde. It was, I admit, your marketing copy about ZENITH that sold me:

When you imagine your personal best, where are you? What are you doing? That's up to you. But your hair is probably this coppery dark blonde.

When I imagine my personal best, I am in New York City. I am walking down the streets of SoHo, wearing something sexy, something snuggly fitted that shows off my body. Heads are turning, both men and women, in my direction. Not because my hair is this coppery dark blonde, but because my hair is bright orange, a comic spectacle, a dye job so bad is supercedes the cheetah look of 24 hours ago.

Must I give up on L'Oréal completely? Is there no cheap hair product for me?

Living my personal worst,


Où est l'experte?

ATTN: L'Oréal Marketing Dept.

RE: Product names


You recently launched a new hair coloring product with the name Couleur Experte. My understanding, based on your marketing campaign, was that I would couleur like a pro and achieve experte results from my home bathroom. I write today to suggest an alternative marketing campaign. While your intentions with the name experte may have been good, my results speak for themselves, and highlight (no pun intended) the need for an immediate rebranding of Couleur Experte.

May I recommend Couleur de Débutant -- novice color, as we say in English -- as an alternative? While it may not spark sales like the other title, it more aptly describes the couleur de cheetah result I have achieved with your product.

Experte? Pas moi,


Wider release for 'Beckham'

Bend it Like Beckham, the wonderful movie I mentioned recently, is getting a wider release across this US this weekend. So if it wasn't playing in your neighborhood, check again, it might be now.

Rather than 1000 words

A graph showing amount of busy and amount of posts

Additional Office X updates

Apparently there are further updates to Office X for Mac than I was aware of when I posted about it the other day: 10.1.2 and 10.1.3. [thanks Gabe!]

Thanks Daphne

I want to extend a super-size thank you to megnut reader Daphne O. for the thoughtful gift from my wishlist. I'm enjoying the CD very much and it was very kind of you to send it. Megnut readers are the best readers in the entire blogospheristan!

Flow crazy

Iraq War FlowI've been using OmniGraffle for the past few days to create flows of the Lafayette system. It's become the only way I can think through any process, so I now present you with the American War with Iraq Justification Process Flow [32 KB].

What alert?

I keep seeing headlines about an Amber Alert and thinking with relief, "Ah, we're out of orange alert and downgraded to amber!" But that's not true -- there's not even an amber alert level -- instead it's a, "child kidnapping notification network" named after a girl, Amber, who was abducted and murdered. I can't keep track of all these alerts!

Remembering Dr. Anita Borg

Dr. Anita Borg, a computer science visionary and champion of women in technology died yesterday in CA. I was first introduced to Dr. Borg through the Systers mailing list, and her accomplishments have inspired me ever since. Founder of the Institute for Women in Technology, she worked towards so many things I believe in. From the philosophy statement of the IWT:

[T]he relationship between women and technology must be transformed. The number of girls pursuing math and science education must increase to parity with boys. Women must be encouraged to choose technical studies and careers. Women who make that choice must be supported as far as their skills and interests allow. The environment must assure that women of all backgrounds and races can bring the full richness of their experience to their own work.

With many challenges still before us, her leadership and vision will be missed. But her inspiration remains to encourage generations of women, including me. Thank you, Dr. Borg.

Bend it like Beckham

I went to see Bend it like Beckham last night and haven't enjoyed a movie that much in a long time. Though the plot is nothing new (teenage girl rebels against traditional parents, falls for guy, etc.) it's well acted, fun, and refreshing because of the details. The girl is rebelling because she wants to play soccer (called 'football' in the movie because it takes place in the UK). Finally, a movie about girls and sports, featuring strong, healthy, active girls playing soccer and having fun together. I can't even think of another movie that features girls and sports. There are no make-up crises, or prom crises, instead it's whether Jess, the protagonist, can go with her team to a match in Germany. Yippee! Plus it has fun music and confronts the stereotype that girls who are into sports are lesbians. Highly recommended for everyone, but especially if you played sports when you were younger. Also recommended for teen and pre-teen girls looking for a coming-of-age story where a young woman learns who she is (and wants to be) through athletics and family, as opposed to the mall and Vogue. Yippee again!

Via email, two more sports + girls movie suggestions: Blue Crush, about surfer girls in Maui and based on a Susan Orlean article and Girlfight, about a girl who takes up boxing in NYC. I've been wanting to see both and forgot, so I appreciate the reminders. Thanks folks!

Women and tech

Liz over at mamamusings has been thinking about women and social software and related issues: lack of women speakers, minority of women in technology, etc. I dug through my archives for some related posts from August 2001 and I know this is a still an issue. Though I've been speaking at lots of conferences, there aren't many other women up there on the podiums with me. I know that conference organizers would like to have more women speakers, so we need more women to submit proposals. You have until May 15, 2003 to submit a proposal for O'Reilly's Mac OSX Conference 2003. And they're still looking for proposals for lightning talks at the 2003 O'Reilly Open Source Convention. Geek girls, get in gear! And if you know of other conferences looking for speakers, let me know and I'll post them here.

DEF CON ELEVEN Call for Papers until June 15, 2003. DEF CON is, "the largest underground 'hacking' convention on the planet." [via boogah]

A nice po-mo chuckle

What would Baudrillard or Lacan say about an empty DVD case? Kieran Healy's spot-on speculation. [via mamamusings]

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