Cowboy Up Cookies

OK Sox fans, in order to show your support, here's what you've got to do: bake a batch of Red Sox Cowboy Up Cookies! "Cowboy up!" has been the Sox rallying cry this season. It's a rodeo expression, "to 'cowboy up' means to suck it up in times of adversity," according to this Boston Globe article about the team's new tradition. So in their honor, I've posted a recipe for yummy cowboy cookies -- my favorite kind of cookie -- so that we can suck it up too, suck up cookies that is.

Adventures in Barcelona

9:55 PM Scheduled departure from JFK

1:30 AM Actual departure from JFK

11 PM Normal bedtime in NYC

3:30 AM Watching BBC World in hotel room, wide awake

11 AM Requested wake-up call time at hotel

8:30 AM Actual wake-up call, unbeknownst to me because I didn't look at my watch before I hopped in the shower

0" of water on floor after shower in NYC

1" of water on floor of bathroom and hotel room after 8:30 AM shower with unwieldy Spanish shower head and flimsy shower curtain

Ah, the joys of travel. Actually, aside from these slight problems, things are off to a fine start here in Barcelona, and I've been having fun speaking Spanish and meeting lots of nice folks. And drinking many cortados -- coffees with a splash of milk. Yum!

Off to Barcelona

Adios amigos, I'm off to Spain for six days of tapas eating and schmoozing with the Barcelona blogosfera. Hope to see folks at ArtFutura, and if you're in Barcelona and won't be there, drop me an email if you want to meet up or something. Blogging will be light until I return. In my absence, please pray for the Sox.

Last night

I simply could not watch, especially after the Jackson/Damon collision. By the 9th inning, I was up, pacing from the living room, down the hall into the kitchen, and back. Again I used my filtering technique: hands in front of face, peering between fingers at the TV, eyes squinted so actual sight impaired by eyelashes. And I was even tempted to plug my ears, but I listened. I listened as Lowe pitched the third strike to Melhuse. 2 outs. "Just one more out, just one more out" I chanted to myself.

It's moments like these -- being a Red Sox fan -- that I can just see it all fall apart. Oakland's tying run is on third, their series-wining run on second. It could be over just like that. So I paced some more, back into the kitchen. My heart was pounding, and fast. There's no way to watch something like this: bottom of the 9th, bases loaded, two outs, 1-2 count. I just stood in front of my TV, hands before eyes, filtering again, watching but not watching. And then a called strike three on Long! Lowe erupts! The Sox erupt! I breathe again. Thank God for TiVo. I rewind a bit, sit back down, and watch the end of the 9th in peace.

How is this even possible?

Bush Unsure if Name Leaker Will Be Caught: I don't get it. How can Bush think we'll find Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, but doesn't believe we'll find a snitch on his own staff?


Well, for a weekend so full of losing potential, things didn't turn out all that badly for me and mine: Sunday's ended with a solid 6 for 7 performance by my teams. Alas, the US Women aren't going to repeat their World Cup title, which bums me out, but Nebraska won, the Pats won, the Bills won, and another team -- whose name I cannot mention lest I jinx -- won two important games. I suffered many near heart attacks (Jason: "I think your life-expectancy decreased by about ten years watching these games") but am ready for one more big game tomorrow night. (Of course, I don't need to tell you I watched a large portion of the bottom of today's 8th inning with my eyes closed, and filtered through my fingers, like a horror movie.) I am counting the minutes 'till 8:05 EDT...

The Admiral at my door

Matt Haughey. Old. Friend. He couldn't resist the opportunity to stick it to me one more time, so he sent me a War Admiral stuffed animal. I have to admit, it's pretty cute, but it's no Biscuit. Now of course, once I get the Biscuit, I can spend my days re-enacting the famous match race between the two, and watch Seabiscuit triumph again and again and again.

NYC Jeans Police in the NY Sun

There's an article in today's NY Sun about the NYC Jeans Police, Fashion Police 'Ticket' Bad Jeans:

Thought the "fashion police" was just an empty phrase? Meet the New York City Jean Police. It's walking the beat and is ready to issue citations for denim that's too tight, too wide, or just too ugly.

The fact that only one citation has been handed out doesn't bother Meg Hourihan, the 31-year-old software programmer who posted the concept on her blog -- and who issued the only citation (to a co-worker). But as it's all meant as a joke, she's just happy to bring some light-hearted attention to the problem.

In case you missed it last time around, here's the link to the citation [.922 KB] And here's a citation in "action".

Ahoy, oyster-loving mateys!

This Saturday is the (free!) New York City Oyster Festival in lower Manhattan! From noon-9pm there'll be oysters, Guinness, and live music. And there's a shucking competition scheduled for 2pm. It takes place in lower Manhattan at Hanover Square and Stone Street. Rain date is Sunday October 5th. Perhaps I'll see you there?

Franny's #1!

A big thank you goes out to Franny O. in Texas this AM for the gifts she sent from Amazon and my wish list. Thanks so much Franny, you're the best!

Stuffed Seabiscuit!

Seabiscuit stuffed animalSeabiscuit stuffed animal!
I've added it to my wish list, as it's currently out of stock. But for some reason, it seems like just the thing for my desk, and it can replace this penguin that's sitting atop my monitor right now (not that I don't love Penguin Computing, but I'd prefer a less-branded stuffed animal to watch over me). I also find it funny that the stuffed War Admiral is not out of stock. No one wants a stupid War Admiral! Ha ha.

Teen girl bloggers

I'm looking for some great example sites of teenage girl bloggers for an article I'm writing. I'd like to highlight a mix of styles and topics, both diary-like sites and linky sites. Know of any? Please add suggestions to the comments. And feel free to mention your own, but only if you happen to be a teenage girl blogger. Thanks for you help.

Ask and ye shall get

Ok, for all you wanna-be NYC Jeans Police officers out there, the wait is over. Here is the official NYC Jeans Police Citation [.pdf, 922 KB]. You will see that it's appropriate for any infraction you may witness: bad acid wash, over-sized jeans, low-rise disasters, you name it. Simply print them out and issue as you see fit. And remember, if you get punched in the face after citing someone, it's not our fault. Special shout out to Michael E. who designed the super-excellent citations. Michael, you rock!

At MIT conference

I'm at MIT today for the Emerging Technologies Conference and a reception for the TR100 award. Afternoon panels are kicking off, I skipped the morning to enjoy breakfast and coffee with my mom. Audience is 85% male, if not more. This panel is on wireless technology, and is all male, but I'm not surprised. Hopefully it will be interesting. Also, it's FREEZING in this auditorium. Why oh why do HVAC systems get set at 60? My nails are turning blue!

A favorite shape

Today at work I found out that some people have favorite shapes. One person annouced "hexagon" as his favorite, while another offered, "triangle!" Feeling left out, I've decided "rhombus" will assume the throne of my favorite shapehood.

An exchange about fashion

Walking back from lunch in TriBeCa.

Meg: I don't understand, when did dressing like a prostitute become fashionable?

Mark: I think she *is* a prostitute. Either way, it's not right.

NYC Jeans Police

I'm taking a new job, starting a new organization of which I'll be president and CEO and also first lieutenant, until I can hire others to join my campaign. The mission's goal? Rid the streets of New Yorkers (and tourists) wearing horrible mis-fitting jeans. First offender spotted Saturday afternoon on Bleecker St., where a woman was squeezed into a too-tight pair of pale blue Lee (?) jeans. I let her off with a warning. Shortly thereafter, I spotted another offender: a woman with large hips wearing low-rise dark denim bootcuts. Since the dept. is new, again I issued only a warning. Saturday's third incident: the horrific thong-above-low-rise. Citation and fine were issued, there's simply no warning for that one.

Part of the department's mandate will be education (since I know how hard it is to find a good pair of jeans). We'll produce a "NYC Jean Guide" that's attached to every pair sold in the 5 boroughs, explaining that if you have a middle that hangs over the low rise (front or sides), low rise is not for you! And if you're hippy (and that's pretty much everyone except models and teenage girls), you don't want to wear a cut that accentuates that fact, even if it's the style right now. Eventually we'll grow so powerful, we'll exert our pressure on the fashion industry itself, demanding styles for women of all shapes and sizes, no matter the season or trends. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all women are not shaped equal, and each is entitled to a great pair of jeans!

Update: someone sent in a .pdf citation for the police to use. [.922 KB]

Java as an SUV

There's a great (and by great I mean "made me laugh a lot while I was waiting for something to compile") Slashdot discussion of a Phillip Greenspun article comparing Java to SUVs. Two excellent insights from /. posters. First a funny one:

Java's not an SUV: SUV's start up instantly! Hahahaha!

And then a very sensible one that no one ever seems to consider when they throw themselves into these irrational fervid discussions of programming languages:

Bad programmers write bad programs regardless of the language.

And it burns...the ring of fire

If you're anywhere near New York City this evening, I don't think you'll want to miss pyrotechnic artist Cai Guo-Qiang's Light Cycle. Beginning at 7:45 PM and set to last nearly five minutes, it's a three stage firework extravaganza with the highlight, "consist[ing] of several halos hovering above the Park with the final halo lingering vertically, 1,000 feet above the Reservoir." So cool, and at the same time, it can be the City's tribute to Johnny Cash. You don't want to miss this.

Me and 99 other people

Today, MIT's Technology Review magazine announced the TR100/2003, their, "third class of 100 innovators 35 or younger whose technologies are poised to make a dramatic impact on our world," and I'm honored to be included in the list for my work with Blogger and weblogs. Here's my profile and here's a list of all winners. An account is required to see the pages (lamely) so use the one I set up, username:, password: tr100.

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