You are not one to sit on the cider-lines, you like to be where the action is. According to New York's Apple Country website, that's true about me because "the apple you love best says something about your personality." My love for McIntosh also means "You like to shake things up. You like people and you always enjoy a good party." I think I'd believe this more if they didn't use so many terrible apple puns. "Cider-lines"? Guh.

A list of when produce is in season in your area. If you look at the listing for New York, you quickly see how eating local full-time is a real challenge. Here are the nearly year-round New York products: apples, cabbage, carrots, onions, potatoes, winter squash, and turnips. Throw in some oysters and you're eating like it's 1775. No taxation without representation! [via Rebecca]

Pixar's RatatouilleA rat named Remy dreams of becoming a great French chef despite his family's wishes and the obvious problem of being a rat in a decidedly rodent-phobic profession. Coming next summer from Pixar. Check out the trailor here.

Common cravings in people with pica include the urge to eat soil, coal, rust, chalk and paper. A French man suffering from pica swallowed five kilograms of coins, necklaces and needles.

Do we really need a different glass for every spirit and wine? Or is this simply another way to sell us more glasses? How the shape of the wine glass affects the taste of wine, how to chose good wine glasses, and pretty much anything else you want to know about wine glasses.

Do's and don'ts of cooking food for your baby. I don't have a baby, but as someone who loves to cook, it seems natural that if I did, I'd make homemade baby food. Any readers out there doing this? Any tips to share?

If you think you don’t like pumpkin pie, you are wrong: You’ve probably just never had one made with fresh pumpkin. Plus tips on how to store fall's bounty of fresh pumpkin for use all year.

Coconut Jewel Cupcakes by chotda
photo by Flickr user chotda

Molecular gastronomy doesn’t exist. That’s the biggest lie out there in terms of cooking. Or so claims Ferran Adrià, who's known as the father of molecular gastronomy. I've always thought it was an odd term, but in this case I've been going with the flow.

Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page are doing a book-signing and wine tasting tonight in Manhattan at Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit from 6-8 PM. The event is free. Bottlerocket is located at 5 West 19th Street, near Fifth Avenue.

So unfortunately, because I've been sick, I didn't make it to Ruhlman's talk at the Y on Monday evening. :( If anyone attended and has a report, I'd love to hear it. Shoot me an email with your thoughts.

So maybe it's time to move on and let Rachael be Rachael. If she's not for you, that's okay. Ed Levine says it's time to stop slagging Rachael Ray.

First free gastronomic university in France is an attempt to close the gastronomic fracture that is splitting France down the middle. "Their aim is to combat the notion that la grande cuisine is reserved for the middle and upper classes, while the poor eat fatty food that induces obesity and illness." Ingredients to include cardoon and cabage.

Watch the 'Hands of the Sun' in action: YouTube search results for Yakitate, the animated show about the baker from Japan I mentioned yesterday.

When the salad comes out, to our disappointment, we find that the bowl is about 2/5 full. 2/5!!! What kind of unlimited salad is that? An "unlimited" salad at Olive Garden is clearly not unlimited, and other salad stories at the all-salad blog, Salad Party.

You don’t have the tourists, the babies crying, the people who need their food cut up for them. Or why it's good to eat at one of New York City's late night restaurants, some of which are open until 4 or 5 AM. If I weren't a morning person, I'd go to a lot more of these spots!

Yakitate!! Japan is a comic (known as manga) from Japan about "an enthusiastic, slightly gullible young baker" named Kazuma Azuma who dreams of creating great bread for his country. An Amazon review also adds, "Aiding Kazuma in his baking quest are his legendary 'Hands of the Sun,' exceptionally warm hands that speed the fermentation of yeast." Awesome. Volume 2 is coming in November. [via the November Saveur]

I want to find out what it looks, feels, and tastes like to commit to the ultimate in dietary trade-offs: a lifetime lived as close to the brink of starvation as your body can stand, in exchange for the promise of a life span longer than any human has ever known. Julian Dibbell goes on the Calorie Restriction Diet for two months. CR may give you a longer life, but I'm not sure it's a life worth living.

Halloween trufflesWilliams-Sonoma's Halloween Truffles are various flavors of ganache coated in chocolate. "The cat pairs a dark chocolate exterior with extra bittersweet chocolate ganache, the ghost combines a white chocolate exterior with a milk chocolate-toffee ganache center, and the pumpkins unite milk chocolate ganache with orange- and green-tinted white chocolate." These would be fun to make at home if you had the time. [via Outblush]

The FDA is set to approve milk and meat from cloned animals. You won't know if you're eating it though, the FDA's not "inclined to call for labeling of products from clones, as some have demanded. For one thing, clonal meat or milk would be impossible to authenticate, since there is no way to distinguish them from conventional products."

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