I'm pleased to announce the launch of Pyra

It's live! Sign up! Plan with abandon!

So many names, so little time

Who says it's hard to come up with original names for the web these days? I just came up with, and it's available. [But I don't know what I'd do with it, so I didn't take it, maybe I will now.]

Hiking to the ocean

On Saturday I hiked the Dipsea Trail [70k] from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach. It was beautiful.

A temp zine

While at Webzine 99, Syl, Huw and I created a brand new webzine called 3zine. Do not look for further updates.

An arty night out

Saturday Night: Sailu's yummy Indian cooking and RGB at SFMOMA.

Silly fun with Photoshop and kitties

Travels with Bodhi - revisted because it cracks me up.

Bad art

Rock On. [94k]


Today 90,185 people demonstrated to the world their passion for women's sports. And 20 women gave hope to an entire generation of American girls. It's about time!

After hearing Ani DiFranco

One woman's voice reminded me last night, reminded me of powerthe power of art to change, of beliefs to inspire, of words to recreate this world.

Almost fun with phony id's

While walking down the street on the way back from lunch, I found a San Francisco County Jail ID on the ground. As we headed back to the office, we concocted a plan - Evan would disguise himself as the man on the badge (Roberto Gochez) and head into the jail to gather fodder for his web site. Alas, at that moment, as I said "Roberto Gochez" aloud, a man was walking towards us, looking exactly like the man on the ID. "Is this your ID?" we asked. It was. So we returned it. Another dream averted.

Pyra gets generous

Pyra - proud sponsor of Webzine 99. Our first "corporate" sponsoship gig!

Some photos from some day

Union Street Fair a while back

My first volcano

Lassen National Park over Memorial Day

The value of age

"As we get older, we appreciate more and more the value of age -- in people, and in wine. As good people age, they develop a character, a wisdom and a depth that replace some of their power and vibrancy. They become even more special. Good wine is the same way" - Dorothy J. Gaiter & John Breecher via WSJ(subscription required)

Hacking the vote

Ya gotta love Red Sox fans.

Important fact about nutmeg

Random: nutmeg is extremely poisonous if injected intravenously.

Collaborative web-based poetry

The other night we did collaborative poetry while we waited for sushi. Now Ev's implemented a web version. Rad!

Everyone's coming online now

I sent my first email to my grandparents today. Cool.

Somedays I want it all to work perfectly

Argh, I'm starting to hate the web more and more every day. Why does everything seem to be so much more complicated than it used to be? For several years, I used Travelocity's easySABRE to check fares and flight availability online. It was command line driven, text based, and amazingly fast. Alas, today I discovered, it's been phased out. All I'd like to do is get a quote for a trip from San Francisco to Nantucket in August.

I went to Expedia. And on the front page I entered my flight info, only once I clicked "go," I had to logon. But I've forgotten my info, so I'd have to re-register just to get a fare quote. So I went to the And they wanted me to register. So I did, and it was two pages of info. OK, time consuming, but now I felt like now I'd get my quote. But then I had to select my desination city from a drop down, and guess what? Nantucket wasn't listed, so I had to select "another city". And you know what? By now I'd spent fifteen minutes trying to get a simple fare quote and I gave up. Argh argh argh! It would have been quicker to call a travel agent.

Who are these people that make these online travel planning things such a pain in the ass to use? I hate to say it, but it's almost easier to just use the phone and call a travel agent.

If high school yearbooks were online

Wouldn't it be cool if high school yearbooks were online? Then I'd make this a link: Colin Frye. We went to high school together, 2500 miles from where I ran into him Friday night.

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