Goodbye pinkie toenail

Warning: Do not read if you're easily grossed out. My pinky toenails usually fall off, or start peeling and then I kind of pick off the top layer, exposing a fresh new baby toenail beneath. But just now, as I sat at my desk browsing the web, I began picking at my toenail. To my horror I discovered that there was *no* baby toenail beneath! That's right, no toenail. Ewwwww....I have no nail on my right pinky toe. I'm all wigged out now. I sure hope it grows back. Now it's just smooth skin, with a little indent where the nail should grow from. :(

Ev on crickets

Ev: "Crickets are the opposite of children; better heard and not seen."

Leggy moves in for the kill

Now he's behind the printer, right next to my desk, chirping loudly. I'm a little scared of him now, I don't know if I like insects up close.

Attack of Leggy

Leggy just dropt from the ceiling in front of Ev's desk and is wandering around our office now. I thought his chirping sounded closer today!

Relive the party

Here's some pictures of the party the other night. But I know we took more than that, so I'll have to post the rest, which Ev didn't post for some reason.

The first party blog

Ev and Jake are having a party right now. Join in!

The picture's back story

Looking at that picture, I realize that my teeth look nice and straight, which is funny since a) they're not really so straight and b) I never had braces. I always wanted braces though, is that just a teenage girl thing, or do guys want braces when they're little too?

A better picture update

New picture, much better. Craig took it at some point last night while we were out and about. I don't remember it. Some parts of the evening are a little blurry. My decision making ability was so impaired that pb and I thought we should drink Crown & Cokes when we got home. Mistake mistake, now I'm not feeling so hot.

And now a name

I call the cricket "Leggy."

More information about crickets

From Jeremy Burns via email: "I do believe the 'cricket sound' you mention is made by the male cricket in order to attract females." - Thanks!

Where'd the cricket go?

Something happened to the cricket. S/he's gone. :( Which makes me wonder, do male crickets make noise? Or females? Or both? Anyone?

Chirpity chirp chirp

I've been missing the sound of crickets since I returned from back east and apparently the crickets read my mind. There is a very noisy one in the atrium outside our office right now. I'm diggin' it!

Reconsidering the picture change

Now I'm thinking I don't like that new picture. It's kind of scary!

A picture change

I redid the megnut gif across the top because that picture of me was really outdated. This is how I'm looking these days, though not for long, because I'm growing my hair long again. Guess in a few months, I'll switch back to the old picture.

A new tool for publishing web sites

Blogger. (I didn't help build it.)

Silly flying fun

Flying is fun! [281k] (Not made by me though, actually I don't know who made this. If it's you, send me your name for credit. I just got this through email)

Back from the east

I've been on vacation in Boston and seperated from my computer. :( But I've lots of good pictures to post when I return, and tales to tell.

The awards are rolling in

Yippee!! Pyra gets Cool Tool of the Day!!

Horrible Tupperware website

Rarely do you find a site that so completely insults the intelligence of its target market, ignores 49% of the population, and perpetuates sexual stereotypes so effectively.

Fun with Amazon reviews

It's growing! pb's hysterical review at Amazon inspires others.

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