A truism

It feels really good to finally be done with something for good.

The challenge of music

I've become more and more musically challenged recently, and now it's gotten to the point that I really need to do something about it. First I bought a (used) car in April with no radio. Thinking I'd put in a CD player, I told the guy I bought it from not to bother putting a radio in. Of course, I haven't done that yet. Then one day around May, my receiver decided to no longer "receive," so I've only been listening to CDs since then. About two months ago, my CD player started not recognizing CDs, and to my utter dismay, yesterday ceased to function all together, and now only makes a series of whirring and chirping sounds when a CD is inserted. While I was able to tolerate a car with no music, and even a receiver with no receiving ability, I cannot tolerate no music whatsoever in my house.

Hmmm...the original point of this post was that I thought the new Santana song that I keep hearing around was by Ricky Martin, and I was starting to think, "wow, that Ricky Martin isn't as bad as I thought, that song is kinda catchy..."

Pictures from the future

Ev's pic of the day script is messed up, so you can see pics of the day from the future! Futurific!

pb tells it like it is

"Sometimes you gotta wait in line." - pb

A day for the rain

Yesterday it rained in San Francisco and for the first time in a very long time, I did nothing. I looked out the window and watched the clouds darken everything. I watched the rain stream down 2nd Avenue, carrying cigarette butts and nibblets of trash down towards the Park. And once it was raining good and hard, I put on my coat and hat and went for a walk. It felt good to have the rain on my face, it almost felt good when the rain slipped down the back of my neck, beneath my collar. It felt good to give up my day to the rain. That doesn't happen enough in California.

Just enjoying Being

I'm not going to write an epinion on Being John Malkovich, I'm just going to say that this is what going to the movies is all about.

Computers + fridge = good

Food management - that's what I'm talkin' about. I've been wanting this for a very long time. [thanks pb!]

In stock is not the same as In Stock

Hmmm, this is strange. I placed an order at two days ago for a digital film reader. When I placed it, it said "In Stock," now, two days later, I receive an email from them saying, "We're sorry, your order is not in stock." What kind of faux real-time thing do they have going on on their site?

This would help everyone involved

A partnership that needs to happen: Matchmaker and Epinions.

As we say in Massachusetts

"Brown eggs are local eggs, and local eggs are fresh!"

Tom is nice

"Megnut is a well constructed and clear weblog that I am contemplating completely ripping off." <blush>Thanks Tom!</blush>

Not thinking about posting

Today is my "Day of Focus" so I'm not thinking about making posts to megnut today. Not one bit. No siree. Not thinking about megnut today. Not at all.

Salon on San Francisco

"The idea that the city is a mecca for artists mostly means that the person making your latte considers him or herself too cool to actually do it."

Too many thoughts at once

Oh this is one of those moments when so so many thoughts are swirling around in my brain and I've exacerbated it by drinking a double soy latte when I probably didn't need anything at all...the central freeway and urban planning, gentrification and my love for San Francisco, money and work, and dating and How to Get 30 Hours Out of a 24 Hour Day. Sometimes I just want to turn off my brain.

Sushi costumes

Halloween pix are up (with built-in commenting feature), for those of you that want to see how the sushi costumes came out. The first one is Ev as Rock-n-Roll, Kip as Tamago, and me as California Roll. That's crab and avocado on my head. (ok, so we don't really look that much like sushi, but next year we will, I promise...)

Weblogs gaining popularity

Weblogs at the Cusp of Acceptance - Argh, all this glorification of weblogs is beginning to irritate me! Big deal, a columnist got a weblog. Why is this surprising? He's a WRITER! And acceptance? Acceptance by whom? Is that what we're all striving for? If Oprah does a show on weblogs, I'll freak out!

Go Tufts bands!

Speaking of college bands, Guster got me thinking about Papas Fritas. They played in the Campus Center with Guster back in the "old days." Their music was also on an episode of The Real World, but I don't remember which one. Rock On, Tufts bands!

Guster getting big

Some friends of mine from college are really making it big: Guster gets a nice review in the Boston Globe! And to think, I saw them in the Tufts University Campus Center.

What was that again?

Wow, you know it's been a good weekend when you go to your weblog and find you've posted something that you'd "forgotten" that you posted.

I know you're reading

One of the things that makes Megnut difficult hard is that I know who reads it - and that kills the anonymity sometimes.

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