Weblogging as a popularity contest

Weblogging as a popularity contest. The more links one weblogger gets from another, the higher s/he moves up in the rankings. So if I were to post, say, something about how I love to read Onfocus and Evhead every day, and post that every day, they'd be more popular. Cool, and then maybe one of them could be like the homecoming king or captain of the football team, and then like, I could go on a date with one of them, if megnut becomes more popular, and we'd be like the coolest kids in school!

Including the same people

So I now that I'm in Boston, I've been reading the Boston Globe again, something I used to do every day when I lived here. There's something so satifying about holding the big oversized pieces of paper, of touching the news, that I miss in my online reading. And I find that I read more stories and catch up more on current events, than I do online. Which brings me to...

Politics. I've been rather aloof to date with the presidential campaigns, and the candidates. Oh, I know who's announced their intents to seek nominations and all that, but platforms and beliefs - those are things I could only guess at until this morning. Until I read this tasty piece on George W. Bush. Seems he's running a "campaign of inclusion" but he won't meet with a GOP gay group. The two-faced hypocrisy of it all astounds me. Tell the fucking truth for crissakes - your "inclusion" refers to people like you, George: white, Christian, heterosexual men and women.

Back to Boston

I'm leaving for Boston tomorrow for Thanksgiving, my 10 year high school reunion, and some vacation. So many thoughts about the upcoming trip are making it hard to concentrate today at work. People from my past have been appearing in my dreams the last few nights, people I haven't seen or thought of in almost 10 years. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone's doing now.

A good nouveau

Jake, pb, and I shared our first bottle of 1999 Georges Duboeuf beaujolais nouveau last night at Le Charm. Fruity and unpretentious we say, and it does go well with the chicken!

Bad MUNI days

People have had worse days on the MUNI - thanks Derek!

Looking for an apartment?

Anyone looking for an apartment in San Francisco? I noticed this morning that there's a For Rent sign on my building, one bedroom, $1395. If only Lance hadn't just signed a lease, we could be neighbors. If you're interested, let me know.


Today is a very good day. I can just feel it.

Blah blah job

Hmmm, do you think they meant to leave this in? The Pyra jobs page sounds so formal in comparison!

At CallTheShots, blah blah blah blah great team, top-notch investors and advisors. Blah blah smart talented people blah blah blah fun work environment. Blah blah blah cool leading edge technology. Blah blah blah mucho bucks and stock options blahhh! - Jobs @ CallTheShots

Another year, another nouveau

It's coming! No other wine has so many memories for me than The Beauj - a weekend trip to Paris in '96 with Mike G. right after its release, night after night in '97 in Bloomington until we asked the Schnuck's employee where it was and she told us it was sold out, '98, buying the first bottle alone, wondering why some friends were so far away. And '99, what will this year's Beauj bring?

Fray t-shirts for sal

Didn't you always want a fray t-shirt?

More MUNI mantras

Another MUNI chant from this morning:

When the lights go out:
It is both black and not black. I am here and not here.

Mantras for riding the MUNI

So I've been riding the MUNI to work every day, and for the past week I've been reading Pure Heart, Enlightened Mind. It's helping me stay remarkably sane, so I thought I'd share my secret: I repeat little chants over and over while breathing deep. For your use, I offer them here. Repeat a chant during the following circumstances:

When the train is stalled for no particular reason in the tunnel:
My mind is as still as the subway train.

When the stairs jam upon raising or lowering:(emitting a very strong beeping sound)
The nightingale's song is sweet to my ear.

When the train screeches to a halt and people fall down:
I am one with the movement of the world.

When the driver makes an unintelligible announcement:
The voice of Buddha brings me peace.

Fun with time stamps

Cool, check it out, that last post was made at 4:44:44. Perhaps it's some sort of magical post, in synch with the universe?

A rodenty comment

jack clarifies: "when i said you looked like a gerbil on your website, i meant it as a compliment." Aw, that's ok jack, I wasn't really upset. I'll take any compliment I can get. Hmm, that sounds desperate, too desperate. Let me rephrase: I'll take any compliment that compares me to a small furry creature: gerbil, hamster, bunny, kitten, puppy, chick, etc.

Bright hair colors

Wow this stuff is really cool. My hair is now Cherry Bomb, the farthest red on the left. Next time, I might try Mr. Green Jeans!

Funny names for bloggers

Ok, pb found this on memepool, and I thought, why not look up the names of America's favorite webloggers? [Oh do I have to add a disclaimer? Some of these sites aren't weblogs, and I have no idea who America's favorite weblogers are, it's all a joke, ya know?]

jack saturn: Detective Ventriloquist

jason kottke: Big-Boned Naughty Pirate

derek powazek: Discount Librarian

lance arthur: Bastard, BASTARD HarbourMastah

sylvia clark: International Cow

oh, and me? Drunk-Eyed Idiot Savant, how apropos.

Via email from jack: "has

Via email from jack: "has anyone ever told you that you look like a gerbil in that picture on the front page of your website?" No, actually. My first reaction was, "oh no, I better change the pic!" But I've been staring at it now for several minutes, and I've decided I like it, gerbiley or not. Actually, I've always been partial to hamsters, like in grade school when we had pets in the classroom, I always liked the hamsters more because they were softer. So I'd prefer to look like a hamster on the front page of my website, if that is at all possible. Thanks.

Life update

Meg is one tired nut.

A very friendly spammer

Has anyone else experienced what I'm going to call "political spam?" I have received three emails from someone named Genevieve Martin writing as if she knows me, with my actual email address in the To: field (among many others), telling me about the current situation in Kosovo. I *really* don't think I know her, but it's been disconcerting, because the tone is that of a friend sharing her insights on the situation going on over there. The last one makes me think it really is spam, as it began,

Before I start, let me apologize to some people on this list who may not want this message, but Im too lazy to change the list!!!

An interesting new take on spam, if that's what it is. Or maybe she's someone I met once, and I've just forgotten.

The truth you need to know

"There is nothing wrong with a beat."

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