Megnut has a very busy social calendar this weekend, so don't look for updates. Oh who am I fooling? And why am I referring to myself in the third person? I don't really have that much to do, just tomorrow. I'm making pre-emptive excuses for feeling uninspired.

Something sad


One of those days

For a Friday, you'd think I'd be in a better mood.

Send me to Mars

I hope this little guy has better luck than his sister did in September. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I really really really want to be on the first (wo)manned expedition to Mars!

The fake 'unsubscribe'

ARGH!!!!!!!!! I'm so sick of unsubscribing from some stupid-ass spam and then continuing to receive emails. Never ever order anything from these people. I made the mistake of ordering some towels when I had friends coming into town. First, the towels arrived about three days after the guests departed, even though I placed the order on the web over a week before their arrival. Second, ever since then I've received monthly emails. Every time I've unsubscribed, only to receive another email a month later. What gives?!

Fun coding work

Prototyping is fun, especially when you don't have to worry about the back-end or the design. It's (almost) like the HTML of yore. I actually used the <H3> tag today for the first time since 1995!

WTO protests in Seattle

I have to say that I'm in absolute shock about what's going on in Seattle. While for the most part I'm in favor of the WTO, the fury of the protests and the wrath of the police seems incomprehensible. Can you imagine your neighborhood over-run by police in riot gear? And getting sprayed with pepper gas in front of your home? A "demonstration-free zone" has been declared in dowtown Seattle, and gas masks have been outlawed for anyone but police and the National Guard. Both sides, it seems, have forgotten the peaceably part in the right of the people peaceably to assemble. It's hard to believe this is America.

Work drone silence

I think I had more to say while I was on vacation. Now my brain seems to be in work drone mode. Not a good place to have a brain.

Matt redesigns

Mthology has a new look. I like the way Matt lays out the date, a title and a post. It creates a nice context for his comments, and it's eminently more readable that his old layout. But I'm not sure about the funkified "Powered by Blogger" logo. Isn't that going to screw up our branding? ;)

Busy megnut

Sorry for the lack of posts, an overwhelming weekend full of high school friends, a 10-year reunion, more Jack & Cokes than I can count, a Patriots loss, brunch with my grandparents, and an airplane flight of 3127.6 miles this morning has left me a little run-down. I wonder why?

Nebraska scare

Jeez, are they trying to give me a heart attack or what?!

More thanks giving

Giving thanks inspired more thanks giving!

I guess I'm old

So yesterday I tried to get to the bottom of this Pokémon craze by going straight to the source: my little cousins. Ages 7 and 9, I asked them to explain what was so cool about Pokémon to me. They looked a little confused, and they showed me their cards, but they couldn't really explain what was so good about it. Oh well...I guess there's just some stuff that "adults" can't understand.

Giving thanks

Giving Thanks:

For friends old and new

For the freedom to vote

For the web

For the opportunity to do really cool things
With really cool people

For my kitty

For potatoes, soy lattes, and Orange, Massachusetts

For four grandparents, five aunts, four uncles, nine cousins,
two parents, one brother

For today

For you

It's pie baking time

Big item on To-Do list today: Bake apple pie. I love to bake pies, my first job after college was as a pie baker on Cape Cod. Some people don't like baked fruit desserts.

A true maternal conversation

Other moms: "When are you going to get married? I think it's about time you got married."

My mom: "When are you going to migrate to Sybase? I'm concerned about your scalability."

An obvious fact

megnut: leading cryptic weblog.

A realization

And it's total total bullshit.

A regret

I can't believe that I can still fall for the "one true love" of my life.

A change

Boston seems to have done something to my mood...

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