Down down down, into this tree of fire

How nice, Johnny Cash personally welcomes you to his site. The reason I was there was because tonight I heard a song, "This Tree's on Fire" to the tune of "Ring of Fire" and it was really really funny. I wouldn't have appreciated it until recently, because until I met people from Nebraska, I never had listened to Johnny. Now thanks to the likes of pb, Jake, and Evan, I've been listening to ol' Johnny, and likin' it!

The Nutcracker

Just back from The Nutcracker, which was good, but I didn't enjoy the production as much as I do the one in San Francisco. The choreography wasn't as intricate, though the first act was more humorous and lighthearted. But I just wasn't as moved as I usually am by the grand pas de deux of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Usually it brings tears to my eyes -- this year my nose just ran, because the gentleman sitting next to me was wearing some *stinky* cologne!

Finding the perfect present

A day of shopping on Newbury Street. Exhausting. But I bought some cool presents for two friends. That is one thing I enjoy (I'm looking for the positives at the moment) about Christmastime: finding cool presents that are just right for people. Sometimes the giving *is* really better than the receiving, honestly!


Woo hoo, made it to Boston! After four hours of delays, I arrived here at 3 a.m. My parents said that was too late to pick us up at the airport, so they made us take a cab. I was very tired. The holidays sure are fun!


Oops, yesterday I implemented foreign language headers for Blogger and I switched my format to Finnish to test it out. Looks like I forgot to switch it back! Didn't Finnish look cool?

How to celebrate Y2K

So I'm not the only one who doesn't feel like shelling out $$$$ to celebrate with a drunken mob I don't know. Phew, I was beginning to think I was! My big plan? All I really want to do is sit on the beach and watch the sun come up with some close friends. That's it. That will be celebration enough. Well...and maybe drink some champagne, as it will also be my birthday.

Off to the cold

Oh no! I'm leaving this afternoon for Boston (again) and it's freezing there. I was avoiding looking at the temperature because this is what I feared. Guess I'll have to deal.

A complaint

I hate the Windows key on my keyboard.

Too much

I've taken down the pages about e-Commerce Incompetence that are creating such a brouhaha. Cam has also removed the link. People seem to be getting really upset about this, which wasn't my intention.

A cow or a bull?

Ev's pic of the day was actually taken by me, on my first trip to Nebraska. I thought it was a cow, but everyone else told me it was a bull. What do you expect from a city slicker anyway?

It must be a joke

Am I drunk or is this just a fucking joke? (via evhead wow that's a first!)

Where's Christmas?

Somehow it just doesn't feel like Christmastime to me yet. Even though I've got a little tree in my living room, even though my neighbors are having a tamalada tomorrow, I just don't feel the spirit. Maybe because I was wearing flip-flops around today? Maybe because I bought all my presents online this year? I'm sure I'll get shocked into the Christmas spirit next week when I return to Boston -- it just doesn't seem like Christmastime unless it's cold. I hope it snows!

Lack of understanding

Why does everyone seem to think they know how to design for the web? That they understand navigation? Or site design? Or think that because there's space, they should fill it with a .gif? It's driving me crazy!!!

Where's my loot?

I just realized that my prize from my bet with LystWorthy hasn't arrived yet. long does it take to mail something from Texas to California?

Isn't it ironic?

Oh the irony is almost too much to bear. But I'm glad he's safe.

Girl's go out

Last night we had a Girl's Nite Out.

Cheesy photos

I call this series megnut ponders a revolution. [~152kb]

Redesign time?

I think it's about time for a redesign here at megnut, something new for the new millennium, something new for my birthday perhaps? Here's to hoping the inspiration hits!

A new version of Blogger

Blogger 2.0 is out of beta and alive on the web. Start your blog today!

A serious problem

How to tell you're addicted to weblogs: When you check your own blog to see if it's been updated since you last checked it! (I honestly just did this, very very scary. Of course I was disappointed to see that megnut hadn't made any posts since the SFWow one. Man, she sure's been slacking lately on her posting. Maybe she's really busy at work? Or just plain lazy?)

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