It's a man's world, after all

Talk about offensive: a vote for ChipCenter Men of the Decade!

There is no argument that the 1990s saw a revolution in technology. Who in your opinion, have been the most influential in fomenting this fundamental change in our society?

How about including some WOMEN in your list, fuckheads? And two of the choices are Investment Bankers and Venture Capitalists, as if there aren't any women in those industries? Where do I vote for Most Sexist Site of the Decade?

The precariousness of popularity

Forever down down down, which is a bummer because on Monday I had the second highest number of visits ever, and I'd made it to 14th on the popularity ratings. I feel like a high school cheerleader who got an acne breakout the day before the prom!

Down down down

ARGH! megnut is still down, it's been over 24 hours. I never realized my compulsion to post to my weblog until I couldn't. And now I can, but no one can see it, which makes it even more frustrating -- I've been silenced!!! Anyway, apologies again, and this will either be back up or moved by the weekend.

Trying to resolve the problems

Apologies to all regarding access today, and last night. I don't know what's going on with the web hosting. I can now ftp, but get an internal server error when I go to the page. I'm hoping at some point tonight this will be fixed and megnut will be back online. Thanks for your patience. And this weekend I'm moving megnut inhouse, where it should be more dependable, or at least I'll be able to fix it if it goes down.


This is a test to see if this friggin' site is back up! Grrrr....

So much for the nice MUNI

I finally had been enjoying riding the MUNI to work, well maybe enjoy is too strong a word, but it was going OK. I was getting a lot of reading done, and I liked the ease of walking out my door and not having to think about anything except finding a seat, opening my book, and not spilling latte down my front. Until now. Looks like I'll be getting an extra 40+ minutes of exercise a day now walking to and from Powell. And I can kiss my seat goodbye during my nighttime ride home.

My first Y2K bug

Ooops, just noticed that my copy of WS-FTP95 LE is not Y2K compliant. The date for pre-2000 stuff appears like this: 991130, but the new stuff is showing up: 1000103! I guess I should upgrade? Nah...

It's the same old same old

Well, first day back at work. I think I have a "case of the Mondays." 2000 doesn't feel any different from 1999. Being 28 doesn't feel any different from being 27. I don't know what I was expecting, I guess more than this. When I was little I thought I'd be living on the moon by now, so San Francisco pales a bit in comparison.

Happy 2000!

Woo hoo! Happy New Year's and Happy Birthday megnut!

Happy New Year's Eve

Safe and happy New Year's Eve to everyone!

A photo you probably shouldn't see

Ev's pic of the day, posted by me, is also of me, and Matt. That's our office, that's me in the foreground, asleep after (Mom, don't read this part:) an all-night drinking binge with Matt that involved lots of Jack & Cokes and Led Zeppelin. Oy!

George is OK

Creepy creepy: Harrison fends off attacker. When I went to England to row in the Henley Royal Regatta in 1993, I went by his house and took some photos. I'm a very big Beatles fan, afterall.


"It is a very, very minor issue''

My new boots

new bootsYesterday I bought the coolest boots ever, on sale too! They're even cooler than my "future boots." I call these my ├╝ber-boots, ooobees for short. So I went to the site to see if I could find a picture of the boots, which I couldn't. But I grabbed this logo instead, since I thought it was cool. Turns out they also make a brand of shoes called Nose, of which Ev owns a pair. We're just so hip here at Pyra! (I'll post a pic of the boots soon, as I'm sure you're dying to see them.)

Watching the watching

Big Brother rules 2000: "With some 75 square blocks of midtown from 35th to 59th Streets closed to all traffic, cars left on the streets will be towed while the police department's six helicopters hover over the city. Sharpshooters will be positioned on area rooftops and security cameras have been mounted atop lampposts."

pb: "Now if they hook those cameras into the web, that would be something cool!"

Cleaning out

Starting the new year right: I just cleaned out my Inbox. From over 1,000 items, I whittled it down to 16! Boy does it feel good.

Home sweet home's so good to be back!

A good day

I've received condolences from several people on the Patriots loss, which is funny, because I was rooting for Buffalo! What?!? Loyal megnut readers may recall my affinity for the Pats, but I'm also a Buffalo fan, having been born there. So while I usually choose the Pats over the Bills, since the Bills have a playoff chance, and the Pats don't, I was rooting for the Bills. (Along with my dad, but my uncle and cousins were all rooting for the Pats.) So the overtime win was very sweet. My frozen toes were not. (Don't worry, they're thawed out now!)

Go teams!

The Patriots are playing the Bills today, and I'm going to be there! Brrr...but the tailgating with cousins and the fresh scallops from Nantucket should make it worthwhile.

The holiday haul

Merry Christmas!

Just finished up with presents. Some of my favorites: books from my dad, You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train, e-topia, and American Beach, the new Beck CD, and lots of soap. Is that a hint?

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