Spanish is a go

OK, so I seem to begin my posts with OK, as in, "OK, we're in the middle of a conversation, you and I, and now I'm about the change the subject..."

So I mentioned that I wanted to do a Spanish version of megnut (now called "megnuez" because nuez is Spanish for nut) and I received a bunch of encouraging emails, so I've done it. And it's probably rife with errors. But I'm not going to worry about that, or let that stop me. So now you can read megnut in English or Spanish, whatever your fancy. And I may just post some things on the Spanish version that I don't post in the English version...

Spot a celeb

OK, I'm not going to go into how I stumbled across this on the web, that's not important. What is important is you can read people's accounts of seeing stars out and about in the real world and you can post your celebrity sightings too! And then if you read this long enough, you can begin to anticipate stars' movements and increase your probability of running into a real live movie star. I don't even know why that thought entered my head, or why it would be of interest to anyone. I apologize.

A message

I have nothing to post today.

Girls don't like logic and math

Maybe you've seen the ads for the Hot Wheels PC and the Barbie PC, but did you know that if you purchase the Barbie PC, you don't get the same software? Yup, to make room for more Barbie Fashion Designer and Detective Barbie crap on the Barbie PC, Mattel left off some logic, math, and anatomy software that's found on the Hot Wheels machine. This insidious sexism is so ingrained in our society that the Mattel spokesperson says, "In no way did we intend to slight them by withholding any content that was on the Hot Wheels PC." But you did, you're sending a subtle message that logic and advanced math and anatomy are subjects for boys, whereas fashion is an appropriate arena for girls. Grrrr...this type of stuff makes me so mad! [ny times, registration req.]

Late relocation announcement

Sorry for the short notice: this blog's moving in-house so it may be down for a bit. Of course, if you can read this, "you've been propagated!" [gracias for the quote]

Megnut's Adventures in Hair: The Final Chapter

So after polling readers, and ignoring their advice, I dyed my hair blonde. Which turned the ends pink (where it had been bright red before). Which looked really stupid. So yesterday I went to Ingrid, my favorite stylist and told her to cut off all the pink, even if I ended up with very short hair. Which she did. And I ended up with very short, blonde hair. Yesterday I felt like I didn't look like myself anymore, I felt like I was wearing a disguise. But I was thinking about it last night, and more this morning, and I realized that I like it. And I realized that you can't hide when you have short hair.

With really short hair, it's all about your face. If I get a zit, I can't strategically attempt to place some piece of hair over it. If I feel uncomfortable, I can't look down, and have hair cover my eyes. With short hair, your protection is gone. Your face, your head, is exposed for the world to see, in its entirety. My ears stick out now. My forehead seems to have some wrinkles now that the bangs don't cover it. But I like it. It's like you see me now, and I can't hide from you.


Lo Qua Sea is a totally rad Spanish blog, and I love the design. I've been thinking lately of doing a Spanish version of megnut just for the opportunity to practice my Spanish. Would you be interested in reading a Spanish version? Let me know.

On cereal

[O]ne of every 11 boxes of cereal sold in America is a box of Cheerios! Who knew? Who even likes Cheerios? They get soggy too quickly, and they're not sweet at all. Aren't they sugar third? That's the only kind of cereal we could get in my house when we were little: sugar third. My brother and I had to look at the list of ingredients along the side of the box, and if sugar were the third ingredient listed, that cereal was sugar third, and we could get it. If sugar were listed second, or first, we had to put it back on the shelf. We were always trying to sneak a sugar first cereal into the shopping cart, burying it beneath other groceries, but my mom always spotted it when we got to the check out, and we had to go put it back.

Some yummy (I believe) sugar first and sugar second cereals: Booberry, Count Chocula, Apple Jacks, Cap'n Crunch series.

Veggie megnut

Silly jack: Trix are for kids, I mean: megnut *is* a vegetarian!

Disco Ev

Late at night, Ev as John Travolta makes me laugh.

I feel like a bunny

Have you ever taken a bite of salad (the lettuce part when it's got that fancy "field greens" type lettuce in it) and thought: What the heck am I eating this for? I feel like a rabbit. I feel like I'm eating a leaf from a tree or a low-lying bush.

The amazing tale of Jan Baalsrud

I finished reading We Die Alone last night. It is the astonishing, and at times inconceivable, true tale of a Norwegian commando's escape from the Nazis in the frigid climes of Arctic Norway during WWII. With the risk of death or deportation to a concentration camp, hundreds of villagers helped Jan Baalsrud reach neutral Sweden. Throughout horrifying conditions that would have killed me within a day, Jan not only survives, but actually returns to Norway *again* to fight for the liberation of his country. It reminded me that in the face of tremendous odds, one person can make a difference, however small the contribution may seem; and that during the lowest moments of our recent history, people have achieved the greatest triumphs.

One size does not fit all

Does one size really fit all anymore? In the 80's we were all about big clothes, and no one seemed to mind if a free t-shirt they were given was gigantic and oversized. But I have to say, it just doesn't seem like that's been the case for awhile now. People have regained some sense and seem to wear more fitted clothes again (not including my brother). In the past two weeks, I've received two x-large t-shirts, one from hotjobs and one from clip2. Both are so big, I could wear them as dresses. Really. The lowest common denominator should not be the biggest common denominator. To all you free t-shirt senders out there, why not give us a choice? How about two sizes? Or how about sending mediums for a change, so that big people have to give their free stuff away to smaller people, rather than vice versa?

Speaking at SXSW

Did I tell you I'm going to be speaking at SXSW Interactive in March? Yup, on a panel on March 14th about, you guessed it, weblogs!

Answer to the Hair Quiz of the Day

Your hair turns pink.

Hair Quiz of the Day

What happens when you bleach hair that is already dyed red?

Tennis spaz

Ouch! This afternoon Jake and I played tennis and I was running around a little crazy trying to make a shot and I fell and skinned my knee in two places. I don't think I've had a skinned knee (aside from one time when Ev tackled me in the street when we were drunk) since I was about 12. Even though it hurts, it's kinda cool. And the blood is really a beautiful shade of red, almost like beets...and I love beets!

TV is for mindless fun

The thought of the federal government reviewing and inserting anti-drug messages into the scripts of some of America's most popular TV shows totally freaks me out. For the government to use television so subversively to spread messages to the public sets a dangerous precedent. What's to prevent a conservative White House in the future from spreading anti-choice or anti-gay messages through the same medium? Time for a new bumpersticker: US government out of my television!

Lost poll results

OK, maybe I'm stupid, but now the poll's expired, and I can't seem to figure out how to get the final results. :(

Anyone have any clues about how to do that? I guess I'll have to just go with blonde...

An upsetting hair turn of events

The percentage has dropped to 30% but "Shave it all off" is still the leading choice for what I should do with my hair. Perhaps I'll need to purchase the Headblade this weekend. [thanks cam!]

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