Mirrored living

Lance has no taste for mirrored living in the newest Life Serial. Oh the familiar tale of being locked out of one's apartment late at night...

The launch of SXSWb

Our first stab at Blogger-powered community blogging: SXSWb, a site to discuss the upcoming South by Southwest interactive (and music) festival. It's got integrated discussion too! Yippee!

Play-by-play of the redesign

Fuck. It was working in Netscape, but now it's all messed up. And now I've got a meeting. Note to self: Do not redesign megnut while at work, on the live server. Ever. And don't make it look like Ev's site.

Just like evhead

Argh! I made this design the other day, prior to Ev's redesign, and now realize that our sites look totally the same. Crap. Well, I don't have time to fiddle with it right now, so look for another redesign very very soon.

Redesign by the seat of my pants

I've just whipped up a new design, this one has gotten way too stale for my tastes. Access may be interrupted for a bit while I get things just right. Yes, I should probably do this at night, but I'm in the mood right now.

On the ad

Erik's take on the Chrisopher Reeves commercial yesterday: Apparently, if you invest wisely and make a ton of money, somehow paralysis will be cured. One could think that, but I believe the message was, "In the future huge medical advances will solve all kinds of problems: cancer, AIDS, paralysis. But only the rich will be able to affford them. Invest wisely."


My advice to the Rams today: watch for some suspiciously unlateral "laterals" late in The Game from the Titans.

My Magnolia review

After several weeks of hype, some friends and I went to see Magnolia last night. Dare I admit that I didn't like it? That not only did I not like it, I was bored? And antsy, and wanting to get up after about an hour, and that I even tried to take a nap in the middle, to no avail because I'd drunk a big Pepsi just before I went in? I've been thinking a lot about why I didn't like it: I had a hard time feeling compassion for any of the characters, and because the focus was changing constantly, just when I'd start to develop a connection with one person's tale, I'd be thrust into another's life. Add to that the pervasive pathetic self-serving behavior of almost everyone, and I found it hard to care. Especially for three hours. And I guess I was hoping for some kind of resolution, or more closure at the end. What was the point of the young boy rapping to the cop? And the woman who had a body in her closet? I guess I wanted more connection across the lives than singing the same song or being smited by frogs.

Fun with Barbies

Syl proposes a Cisco Barbie and I have to wonder, are the days of corporate-sponsored toys that far off? I hope not, then we could have Pyra Barbie (and Ken) who would come with:
- funky SOMA wardrobe

- bags under eyes from sleeping at office
- wrist braces to prevent/stave off carpel tunnel
- glasses from staring at monitor too much
- happy glow that comes from loving work

To India?

Today I mailed my application to go mountain climbing in India in the fall. It was scary because I realized that if I'm accepted, I'll have to go. And I could fall into a crevasse and die, or be killed by an avalanche, or maybe come fall I won't want to go, or so many cool things will be happening at work that I won't want to leave. But I faced my fears and sent it anyway.

Without the web, I am nothing

Argh, I'm having all kinds of strange network problems today and it's making me realize (once again) how addicted I am to the web. I can't get to some websites and I can't get on ICQ. I had to send an email to someone to make plans for tonight and it seemed so old-fashioned. I need the instant gratification of ICQ. Hmmm...I guess I could use the phone, but that seems intrusive. But is it anymore instrusive than ICQ?

A silly exchange

meg: you love this hothouse flowers cd.
ev: yes i do.
meg: do you want to marry it?
ev: yes, yes i do.

Lamentable laments of laments

Metajohn laments my mockery of Erik's laments. ¡Oy!

Tired nut

I'm so tired this morning, I stayed up too late watching old Paul Newman movies on AMC last night. I really enjoyed The Young Philadelphians, man is Paul Newman HOT! (oh, and it was a good movie.)

Erik doesn't understand

Erik laments Texas' execution of a woman and a juvenile, and GWs mockery of an inmate's plea for mercy. I guess Erik just doesn't get compassionate conservatism and pro life, now does he?

A thought

Email is like presents.

Search blogs

Thank God we can now search the Blogger blogs! I wasn't able to waste enough time during the day just checking the Recently Updated Blogs list.


Ah, this looks like a familiar scene: Dunkies and snow (no silly, not the Gores!)

Grabbing it all now

I just bought the Pledge Grab-It and it rocks! But there was no URL on the box. Silly people. When will they learn? I used it right after I'd swept the floor, and it "grabbed" all kinds of dust and cat hair my broom had missed. And without the noisy blowing of the vacuum!

Goodbye Bow & Arrow

Bummer, one of my favorite bars in Boston, the Bow & Arrow, is closing next month after 25 years. If you saw Good Will Hunting, you may remember the scene with the confrontation between Will and the Harvard snob. That was filmed there. What makes me sad is that building is being closed for renovations and when it reopens in a few months, the rent will be raised. The only tenants that will be able to afford the new space will be another chain restaurant or boutique funded by some mega-conglomerate with no character. Every day Harvard Square turns more and more into everyplace else.

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