Addicted to my own site

I have a confession: I've become addicted to megnut. Last night as I watched TV, I kept coming up with things I wanted to post, but since I didn't happen to have my computer, I took to writting blurbs on the back of a large envelope. But in my rush to get out the door this morning, I forgot the envelope. So now the posts that you should see here are sitting on my coffee table, unread.

"I think people are generally

"I think people are generally heart-broken when it rains in San Francisco," says Michael. I agree.

Bitter bitter bitter. I sure

Bitter bitter bitter. I sure hope he doesn't live here anymore. Move elsewhere and free up some space for those people that like to experience the broad, windy expanse of the Bay from a sailboat or to hike to the top of an extinct volcano and look for miles in all directions at snow-capped mountains. [via maganda]

Now that pb's healthy again,

Now that pb's healthy again, he's posting more. And that's good, because pb makes me laugh!

Ohmygod! Did you know this

Ohmygod! Did you know this existed in San Francisco? A 22,000 sq foot warehouse of closeout performance sports gear? I want to go shopping and I want to go shopping NOW!

Hilary should win

If Hilary Swank doesn't win the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role, we''ll know the Oscars are bullshit. Oh wait, we already do.

Not all the items fit to print

I received this response to an email I sent to L.L. Bean asking why I couldn't locate an item online that I'd seen in their catalogue:

I am sorry, we are not able to feature every item that is in our catalogs on our website as well.

That's so dumb, I say. Isn't it harder to fit more items into a catalogue? More pages need to be printed, they weigh more, they cost more to send, etc. etc. I don't understand why they wouldn't put all their items online, don't they want to sell more stuff? Well I won't belabor the point, you're a web-savvy megnut reader, you get it.

It's hard to see inside

It's hard to see inside a manhole, even when the cover's off.

a nu jack: i just

a nu jack: i just stepped off the most gut-wrenching ride at the county fair, and by god, i'm going to get in line for that thing again. This just makes me smile.

Quickbooks voice recording while on

Quickbooks voice recording while on hold: "Your call is very important to us."
Me [into phone playing hold music]: "Yes, I can tell, I've been on hold for 30 minutes."

Oh, sorry for the bad

Oh, sorry for the bad font color on the date headers, I'm working on a new design and changed my template...I guess I could change them back but I don't want to get distracted by working on megnut right now, so please bear with me. Thank you for your patience.

Talk about evil corporations! Ever

Talk about evil corporations! Ever hear of W.R. Grace and Co.? Ever read A Civil Action? Well if the stories that came out of that book weren't tragic enough, it turns out that Grace's Construction Products Division knowinglly sold home insulation which contained asbestos without indicating it on the product's label. Though the dangers of asbestos were widely known even in the early 70's, Grace continued to sell the product without warning the public until it was discontinued in 1984. Why? Because "[w]e didn't think the product was a health hazard," says William Corcoran, Grace's vice president for public and regulatory affairs. This kind of corporate cover-up and total disregard for the public's well being makes me sick.

Luckily we have a new

Luckily we have a new tee vee here at the office so I didn't miss the Simpsons. But right as Maude's funeral started, there was an emergency broadcast interruption and for about two minutes (well it seemed that long at least) they babbled on and on about flooding near Guerneville. Bummer because it seemed like it was a pretty funny episode.

I added a little "currently

I added a little "currently reading" box on the right so you can get inside my reading head if you'd like. Right now I'm reading, as you can see, Anna Karenina, which, oddly enough, I've never read before. I love it, and I can barely put it down. The rich description, the characters, everything, and I'm finding it much easier to follow than War and Peace. And much more enjoyable.

Capricorn: "Exciting situations exist around

Capricorn: "Exciting situations exist around you in regard to work and finance. Partners join you in finding innovative and unusual ways to increase your revenues...this is a time to think about social consciousness. You could build a stronger reputation and name for yourself that will garner greater respect from many people. Use that to send out light to humankind."

Nothing is worse than talking

Nothing is worse than talking on the phone with someone who's typing your information into some sort of computer who keeps saying, "what happened?" and narrating everything they do.

Via my referer logs, I

Via my referer logs, I discovered this sad sad fact: if you search on altavista for "bags under eyes," megnut comes up 8th.

When I think celebration, I

When I think celebration, I think champagne! [but why?]

The rain continues, and it's

The rain continues, and it's Day Two of the shirt skirt for me. (Perhaps I'll learn and bring an extra pair of pants into the office?)

Walking back from lunch, Ev

Walking back from lunch, Ev and I witnessed the pinnacle of absurdity: A Hummer limo parked in front of the radio station building!

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