What a stupid site: Aetna

What a stupid site: Aetna US Healthcare. Sure they've got tons of brochures in .pdf about their different plans, sure they've got an FAQ section, and a form I can submit for more information (which I submitted yesterday and have not received a reply to), but where's a friggin' phone number so I can call a sales rep for some health insurance quotes? Even if I click on "Contact Us" I just get a form. People, I'm *trying* to buy your insurance!!!! I want to give you MONEY. Why do you thwart me so?

Here's a picture of Sofia.

Here's a picture of Sofia. I've already registered so that I can set up a baby blog for them to post to about her!

My best friend from childhood,

My best friend from childhood, whose name also happens to be Meg, had a baby the other day, a little girl named Sofia. It's hard to imagine that she's all grown up, since I don't feel all grown up at all, certainly not old enough to be married with a house and a baby. And it really doesn't seem like it was that long ago that we ran around in Underoos and got kicked out of our gymnastics class because we were talking too much, and traded KISS albums and played with the kittens. Our lives have gone in such different directions, I haven't really even seen or talked to her in several years. And it's sad, because even though we haven't been close friends for probably fifteen years, in some ways I still miss her. When I was little I always thought we'd have babies at the same time. I always thought we'd live next door to each other. I always thought we'd be friends forever.

Another Pyracam, you know, so

Another Pyracam, you know, so we can stay connected since we all (mostly) work in different places. And also so my parents will know I'm alive even though I don't return their calls or reply to their emails. And so you can see my smiling, haggard face every day. If you click on the pic, it will make a lil' rereshing pop-up for you. Aw, how sweet. What the hell am I talking about? I think I drank too much caffeine.

icq'ing with Matt I realized

icq'ing with Matt I realized this: megnut is about the content, it's about the vibe. It's not about the Man's rules and regulations.

God damn I'm such a

God damn I'm such a sucky English major. Why are people always emailing me with mis-wordings? Argh. Stupid English! Stupid grammer people! Ahem, I mean, thank you, thank you to all of you for pointing out the error of my ways.

Gone Daddy gone. FedEx called

Gone Daddy gone. FedEx called and said they were unable to locate the missing box of Blogger t-shirts. Lessons learned from this experience: always insure your packages (I know, I should have, but I just...well I just figured it'd get there!), and always trust your instincts when you *feel* you should put more labels on the package but the FedEx "professional" tells you they're not necessary. So if you live in Austin, cruise around the dumpsters of the convention center. I imagine there's a good-sized box with some marker scribbling on it sitting somewhere containing the motherload of shirts. Poor lost Blogger shirts.

pb, walking into the office

pb, walking into the office clutching his throat, mouths the words: can't talk, sore throat then raises his voice to a whisper, "I think Texas is stuck in there."


and it's not that many it's just seeming that way because it's all teeming right now i talked to janeane garofalo at club deville she said "put that on your web" and i didn't talk to noah wylie on the flight from austin to dallas and jake and i got interviewed on tv and writing it all down makes me feel like i want to sound like someone special when really i'm no one except me at all and i too got a crush at sxsw but am too afraid to do anything about it unlike the amazing jack or others i know maybe love just continues to elude me or maybe i've become very good at eluding love but that's not a complaint i just want to get it all out of my head and put it somewhere else but i think something's blocking part of the flow and gomez has been my soundtrack for days and the jungle brothers made me boogie and one night i walked home in the cold alone which seemed normal which seemed like home and i haven't felt so tired so inspired so sad when something came to an end in a long time i hate the end i hate the goodbyes i hate the walking away and not talking again the forced ignoring the inevitable end of the friendship i'm not talking about sxsw anymore i mean i'm not talking about sxsw right now and why do cat sitters make me so mad when i should just feel grateful that my cat's been fed? and coming home i realize everything's just as i left it (only a little bit dirtier) and that's not necessarily good.

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Don't the names on emails

Don't the names on emails piled up in your inbox take on a whole new meaning when you now know the person behind them?

Damn that Brad is funny!

Damn that Brad is funny! This photo and caption slay me.

I've always wanted to date

I've always wanted to date someone in a band.

Ah San Francisco...and it's sunny.

Ah San Francisco...and it's sunny. I'm wearing sandals to celebrate. I have about eighty gazillion things I want to write about right now but don't feel I have the time (like Noah Wylie was on my this a week for celebrities for me or what? I didn't talk to him though...) but what I do have is a new resolution: I'm going to start doing fun stuff on the web again, personal stuff in addition to work stuff. For the past months and months, the web has only been about work for me, and quick posts here. And that's not enough. So all those eighty gazillion things in my head? I'm going to go home at a reasonable hour tonight and try to capture them for myself. And perhaps share them with you.

Gomez last night was so

Gomez last night was so good, man it was like the first good music I've seen here (pictures forthcoming). Tonight I'm going to try and check out Andy Stochansky, The Jungle Brothers, and Papas Fritas. I was felled by a migraine today for some reason as soon as we arrived at a BBQ. Then thank God I'm going home tomorrow, where I'll be able to collect my thoughts and attempt to make some more insightful posts about this whirlwind week.

Fish tacos fish tacos, why

Fish tacos fish tacos, why aren't there good fish tacos in SF? I had fish tacos for lunch at Guero's with the Deep Leap gang. Man, I wish they worked in Cali, or that we worked here so we could chat with those cats more. It was a little extension of SXSW: getting to talk to people who get it. I'm feeling so inspired, both work-wise and personal site-wise, and I really feel ready to do some more cool stuff with Megnut. I've always meant to but now I really will. Really.

Luck of the Irish to you

Happy St. Patrick's Day! It feels funny to be be in Texas for such a holiday, I didn't bring any green clothes with me. When I was little, this was my second-favorite holiday (after Christmas) and I loved dressing entirely in green (because that's my favorite color) and I had a big metal button that said, "Kiss me, I'm Irish" which I enhanced with stick-on shamrocks. I tried to cover up the "Kiss Me" part though, because I was always a little concerned that someone would.

Sometimes it really is cold

Wow, the windchill right now is 29°. And I thought I was just being wimpy.

Who thought Texas could be

Who thought Texas could be so cold? Damn cold. A giant thunderstorm blew through town in the late afternoon and dropped the temperature about twenty (I'm not kidding!) degrees and now no matter how quickly I type, my hands just won't respond. And it was so cold that I bailed on the giant line for The Jayhawks ('cause I can't say I even recall listening to their music though pb claims he plays them often in the office) and cruised back alone to the hotel. It was really nice to walk alone with my thoughts to myself. Even though those thoughts were watch out for the puddle and walk faster, walk faster, it's freezing. Well, some of them weren't. Some of them were about new friends. Some of them were about the excitement I feel to get back to California, see my kitty, and get to work building stuff. Some of them were about getting into a warm bed with a good book and reading until my eyes just close.

This is what I'd like

This is what I'd like to see on the SXSW music site: a list of all bands that are coming which would allow me to check off the ones I'm interested in seeing. With the click of a button, the site would generate a schedule for me, highlighting conflicts, showing where and when everyone will be playing that I could print out and carry around with me. Come to think of it, interactive should do the same thing with panels, so I could decide what to see, print it out once, and never have to check the books or online again. And, while I'm at it, make that thing available for the Palm VII! Yeah. That would be cool.

It's strange how quickly one

It's strange how quickly one becomes accustomed to a new group and new friends. Last night roving Sixth Street I found myself scanning the crowd for the many faces that had become so familiar over the past few days. And there were none to be found. It made me kinda sad, and I found myself today extra-yearning to get online and check in with people's sites, to see how they'd fared on their way home, and to read their reflections and thoughts. And while the blogs are nice, it's just not the same as hanging with people in real life.

Last night we saw the Mad Hannans (who are from Marin, and whose California-mocking lyrics and twangy guitar style didn't seem nearly so funny in Texas) and Love-Cars (sort of a step-child of Radiohead, several times removed) at the Blind Pig, then headed over to Iron Cactus for some happening polka with Brave Combo. Kip taught me how to polka so that added to the good times, and when the staff told them they couldn't play another song, they marched out and continued to play in front of the club. Who ever knew polka could be so much fun?

Tonight? Going to get to La Zona Rosa early so that we can see The Jayhawks. Tonight I'm going to put batteries in my camera so I can start taking some pictures. Last night I had a little mix-up in that area.

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