I find articles like this

I find articles like this one from the Chicago Tribune so distressing for two reasons:

First, because they quote studies in a way that reinforces the same old stereotypes: that girls aren't interested in how computers work, that girls would rather be popular than be geeky, that using and loving computers means you're a geek. I wonder how much these articles continue to influence our perceptions? I wonder how many young women don't realize that computers are for geeks until they read something like this?

Second, because there continues to exist a "big drop-off in girls' participation in math and science in the middle school years." I guess I'd hoped the situation had improved since the day in 1985 when Caleb Wiggin spotted my AP Biology textbook in my book bag and said to me, "but you're not a sophomore, you're a freshman. Why are you taking AP Bio? You must be a big nerd." I was so mortified that as soon as he was gone, I turned the book over so the binding was no longer visible, so that no one could read the big dark green word, Biology. And I made a point of carrying my book that way the rest of the school year.

Ever find yourself wondering what

Ever find yourself wondering what the words are to every single REM song? Wonder no more: The Complete REM Lyrics Archive.

Man oh man, I thought

Man oh man, I thought my math class in high school was cool, but Katie's class is like cool³: Using Calculus to figure out How Many Licks It Takes to Get to the Center of a Tootsie Pop. When I read this, I actually thought: This would be something fun to try at home!

Earlier today I was going

Earlier today I was going to make a grouchy post about Opening Day and the chaos that was taking place outside of our office, but all that was forgotten at lunch. As Ev and I walked down Townsend, four F-16s screamed low over the ballpark. As the thunderous jets reverberated in my chest, a fifth snuck up from behind and climbed practically straight up into the sun and sped off. As I stood there looking up, I got as excited as a kid, I love jets! Then fireworks, daytime fireworks, ignited with big, billowing clouds of colored smoke and sparkles. You could hear the crowd inside the park cheering, people on the street stopped to absorb the excitement, and all of the sudden I realized the air smelled of hot dogs, big juicy delicious hot dogs. Maybe opening day's not so bad after all.

Web TurboTax actually makes doing

Web TurboTax actually makes doing taxes fun. Last year I thought I enjoyed it, but this year was even better. The interface is cleaner, the performance is considerably improved, and I'm getting $850 in refunds! (Damn, I wish I'd done my taxes in February, oh well.)

Hee hee. Ev and pb

Hee hee. Ev and pb both wore Blogger t-shirts and jeans today. Looks like we need to plan outfits a little more carefully around here from now on.

Some days I wake up

Some days I wake up in the morning and I imagine the coming days, picturing what I'll be doing, and I get so excited! When I was younger and this happened, I always wanted time to speed up, so I could get to these good things, and skip over the dull moments, like riding the MUNI to work. But lately I seem to be calmer, and happy in each of the moments, happy in all of the moments in fact.

I've been thinking about stupid

I've been thinking about stupid childhood things all day now, and I was recollecting one afternoon when I was home alone after school, probably fourth grade. I was standing in the kitchen looking at the phone, and I realized that I could use it to call people who didn't speak English. This was very intriguing to me, so I got out the phone book and I called Japan. Someone answered and I froze. It was so exciting to hear something I didn't understand, and so terrifying. I hung up without saying anything. About a month later, the phone bill came. I blamed it on my brother (sorry Mike). And my parents believed me.

I bought the silliest book

I bought the silliest book today, The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook and have been cracking myself up reading it. It contains such valuable information as, How to Win a Swordfight, How to Hot-Wire a Car, and my favorite so far, How to Escape from Killer Bees. Most of what it tells you to do are pretty obvious things I think you'd know anyway, like "swatting at the bees only makes then angrier." But I've always wanted to know How to Maneuver on Top of a Moving Train and Get Inside. And now I do.

What's the stupidest thing you

What's the stupidest thing you did as a child? My stupid tale is near the bottom of page 5.

I'im just all smiles today.

I'im just all smiles today.

I stand slightly corrected: according

I stand slightly corrected: according to Sanj, if you click on the GO button to the right of the zip code input on Kozmo's home page, you redirect to a page that allows you access the site without logging in. So you don't *have* to login, as I previously complained, but they sure do make it seem like you have to...

Man riding bike on bridge

Man riding bike on bridge shot to death by CHP after refusing ride [note to self: always accept ride from CHP]

Oh man, this dialog is

Oh man, this dialog is too funny! This is what I was picturing actually. Just like CB! [hmmm...looks like the link doesn't work quite right, it's under 4.5.2000]

Kozmo's been one of my

Kozmo's been one of my favorite things since I first heard about it last fall. Always prompt, always simple, they eased the pain of a lonely night with a video, in under an hour. They recently redesigned (everyone else was, so why the heck not?) and I have to say, it is not an improvement. First off, you *have* to sign in to do anything. Period. You can't even browse and see what they're about without creating an account or signing in. If I didn't already have an account, I don't know if I'd appreciate being bullied into creating one sight unseen. They also added a field called "zip code" to the user sign in. Huh? Why make me type this in? You already have my zip code, why do I need to tell it to you? And the two things I was looking for in the redesign, the two things that would have made it easier for me, the customer, to order movies (or any other of their myriad items, I'm now calling them "The Amazon of One Hour Delivery") quickly and easily aren't there. All I really wanted was a "remember me" feature and one-click ordering. I guess I'll continue to use Kozmo, but not with the joy that I used to.

Never trust a fax that

Never trust a fax that offers to build you a free website on the "Worldwide Internet."

As if the piles of

As if the piles of tabs at Amazon weren't bad enough...I click on a link that says, Returning Customer. And I sign in. And then I see the button I'm looking for in the upper-right, Your Account. And I click it. And it says, Sign In. grrrr....

I've been thinking about the

I've been thinking about the ocean a lot recently and why it means so much to me, so I dug out an old favorite book the other night, Gift From the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, and was once again ported to the soothing summer days of sandy beach chairs, hot lazy days with the lolling sounds of waves rolling in, tingeing everything with their spray. Sitting on the beach, just looking out at the vast expanse without book or voice to distract, is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.

I don't know how I

I don't know how I got started with this birthday wishes thing, but since April's a big b-day month in my family, (and my grandmother just got an iMac for her birthday so more relatives are reading my site), I feel compelled to offer the aunts (that's aunts, not "ants") and uncles birthday greetings. So to Marcia, Ruthie, and Billy: Happy Birthday! And to any of you readers, if you're celebrating this month, Happy Birthday to you.

I saw High Fidelity last

I saw High Fidelity last night, and as I was leaving the theater, I was wondering, how I can love John Cusack so much in the same roles? Tom Hanks plays the same roles film after film and I can barely stomach it, yet Cusack returns again and again, and I pony up the money, again and again. I think it's because Hanks is too old for me, he's too old for me to have a romantic interest in, and he's too old to feel like an older brother. But not John Cusack. He's like an older brother, a best friend, maybe even someone I had a crush on at one point. And it all started such a long time ago, way back with The Sure Thing.

The bad thing about going to the movies last night: it was the second night in a row I had popcorn for dinner.

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