It turns out Ani DiFranco

It turns out Ani DiFranco was on The Tonight Show last week, and I missed it. Boo hoo. Wouldn't it be nice if you could go somewhere, check off what artists/bands you're interested in, and you'd receive an email when they're coming to town, or being on tv? I'd settle, actually, for a weekly email from the Tonight Show, or Conan, announcing upcoming guests. Come to think of it, that would totally increase my late night talk show tv viewing (currently comprising 0.00% of all my tv viewing time) because sometimes, I have to admit, I'm kinda interested in those movie stars and junk like that.

A geeky mom

Of all the Megnut feedback I've received today, this is my favorite, from my mom:

My only objection to the new site is the lack of color - couldn't you use a nice spring green like #CCFF66 maybe?"

Springtime means design time here

Springtime means design time here at Megnut, and accordingly I present A Very White Megnut for your viewing pleasure. This design should be working on PC/4+ browsers. I haven't had a chance to test it on a Mac yet, so any Mac feedback would be greatly appreciated. Any feedback at all would actually be greatly appreaciated. Also, any bug reports. I'm kinda tired, and I overwrote my javascript file, so chances are, a bunch of functions in the archives will break until I get back in there and fix them all. Apologies. Let me know if you stumble across any.

You may have noticed that I've added a nav to the 'nut. I've been meaning to add more content for ages but the old design didn't really "enable" that, as the consultants like to say, hence the new design. So I hope you like it. I like it, mostly because it's a change. And I'll be adding to it as the days grow longer and the BBQs fire up...

This isn't really me. I

This isn't really me. I swear it's not. Ev is a big fat liar.

Things have been slow here

Things have been slow here in MegnutLand (not to be confused with CandyLand). I made the mistake of spending a big chunk of time away from my computer, and now I can't seem to get back in the saddle again. Nothing in my head seems like it belongs on the web these days.

I'm just a little tired

I'm just a little tired of the ol' dhtml images following the mouse around trick these days. Come on people...

What a start to the

What a start to the week: a Zen Shiatsu massage practioner has just moved into an office around the corner from our office. She also offers ergonomic workplace assessment and Feng Shui consultation, in addition to the massage. Is it lunch hour yet?

Does anyone else remember Dynamite

Does anyone else remember Dynamite magazine, you could get it through Scholastic Book Orders at school in the 70's? Not only do I remember every one of the covers on the Dynamite site, when I found Scholasic's site, I got all excited and wanted to order books again. I think we should implement office book orders (and no, I don't mean via Amazon or Fatbrain). Each month we'd get those thin paper catalogs with pictures of books, and then we'd bring in checks and the books would be delivered several weeks later. Let's bring the fun parts of childhood back into our day-to-day lives.

Eeek, looks like we've

cold weather
Eeek, looks like we've got some cold weather coming our way. Bundle up, San Franciscans, and stock up on firewood!

Holy shit, color me impressed.

Holy shit, color me impressed. I filed my tax return electronically on April 10th. My California refund was direct deposited on April 18th. I am in awe.

Start your training now, the

Start your training now, the World Yo-Yo Contest will be held July 8-9 in Orlando at Universal Studios. The Pyra crew will be there in our new team yo-yo outfits (they'll be for sale on our site soon too!) doing all our amazing yo-yo tricks. You may have been lucky enough to catch some of them live on the pyra cams or in person at SXSW. If not, glue yourself to the TV in July, I'm sure ESPN will be providing 24/7 coverage of the event.

My single status has not

My single status has not gone unnoticed by some on the web: Metajohn reveals the perfect match for me. I cannot argue with such sound logic, and I didn't know there were any other Bills fans outside of Buffalo. Actually, I wasn't even sure there were any other Bills fans.

Single digits are the best

Single digits are the best digits.

I've been thinking a lot

I've been thinking a lot lately about San Francisco and the dot-com invasion and thinking I should be so excited the city's ranks are swelling with internet people doing crazy web things and changing the world. But I'm not. I look around at lunch in South Park and I don't feel like I'm looking at people I know, at people who share the same passions with me, at people who get It. A friend told me this story: he met a web designer at a party the other night, he says, "oh, do you have a personal site?" Her answer, "no."

And I realized there are dot-com people and there are web people. Dot-com people work for start-ups injected with large Silicon Valley coin, they have options, they talk options, they dream options. They have IPOs. They're richer after four months of "web" work than many web people who've been doing it since the beginning. They don't have personal sites. They don't want personal sites. They don't get personal sites. They don't get personal. Web people can tell you the first site they ever saw, they can tell you the moment they knew: This, This Is It, I Will Do This. And they pour themselves into the web, with stories, with designs, with pictures. They create things worth looking at, worth reading, worth coveting, worth envying, worth loving. They create Beautiful Things. We need more of those.

I majorly *heart* Ani DiFranco.

I majorly *heart* Ani DiFranco.

update: pb found the tickets.

update: pb found the tickets. phew!

Woo hoo! I get to

Woo hoo! I get to cut out of work early today to drive up to Pauly's and to go see Ani. If he can find the tickets. I'm driving there for sure. I just hope pb finds the tickets for sure.

"I'm beginning to think that

"I'm beginning to think that webapp development is some sort of crazy punishment wrought upon those foolish enough to undertake it." Amen, brother, amen.

There was a birthday party

There was a birthday party last Saturday night. Ev took pictures. I took pictures. pb took pictures. Ev posted pictures. pb posted pictures. My pictures are mixed in with Ev's, because my camera's broken and cannot download pictures and I'm lazy anyway and never bother to post the pictures I take. Good thing Ev and pb aren't so lazy.

There's so much that we

There's so much that we share that it's time we're aware...Heather links to a McSweeneys article today written by her friend John. When I read it, I realize that I went to high school with someone who has the same name. I email Heather, can this be the same person? At lunch, Derek says he's working on getting a book published. A friend has just recommended an agent in NY. The agent's checked out SFStories. He likes what he sees. He wants to get in touch with Derek. I say, can this be John Hodgman, the literary agent with whom I may or may not have attended high school? Yup, says Derek. Yup, confirms Heather. Yup, confirms the email in my inbox from the Man himself. The same John, class of '89, Brookline High's a small world after all.

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