You thought those Blogger t-shirts

You thought those Blogger t-shirts were hard to come by? What about a megnut T? Yes, that's right, I'm sporting the prototype megnut t-shirt this very moment. Made in my living room at 7 a.m. using a hot iron and iron-on letters while I drank some oj and coffee (not at the same time, not mixed together). The result? Well it's off center, I pulled up the U too soon so it's smudged, and somehow I got some of the silvery letter goo above the name so the shirt will look perpetually dirty. But heck, it was early, and it was my first attempt. So on the whole, I'd say I'm pleased.

So, what would one find

So, what would one find on megnut dot com? Good question:
public transportation mantras
feminist statements
profane feminist statements
longings for love
and eighty gazillion things

megnut: where it's all about

megnut: where it's all about the rumors today...

Here's the show if you

Here's the show if you want to listen. Rumor has it that people are getting kicked off the server because of too much traffic.

Rumor has it that the

Rumor has it that the NPR show provided the "best coverage and best understanding" of weblogs yet. And rumor has it that megnut got mentioned on air too. Listen to it "live" if it hasn't been broadcast in your time zone yet. If I can find a link to an online recording, I'll post it here.

Derek's photos of the Aimee

Derek's photos of the Aimee Mann/Michael Penn show are beautiful. I find this one incredibly striking, the light is so delicate, and her hair looks so soft I just want to reach out and touch it.

So Ev and some other

So Ev and some other bloggers (Rebecca and Brad) are going to be NPR's The Connection tomorrow morning talking about weblogging. Which is cool. They'll be talking during the second hour of the show. Guess what the topic is for the first hour? Karl Marx. Ha ha ha. Oh, that's rich. I think they should call it the "Dot Kom" episode. You know, that's why Blogger's free, we just want to share with our brothers and sisters. I can't wait to hear what the Marxists have to say when they call in, if they stick around.

Bryan's paperline would make Martha

Bryan's paperline would make Martha proud. Perhaps he should start doing a little freelance work on the side?

Wouldn't it be cool if

Wouldn't it be cool if they attached those swipe-through card readers to your phone? That way, if you called any place where they said, "Please enter you 16-digit account number now" you could just swipe and bam, be done with it? Or if you were ordering anything over the phone with credit card, same deal. Swipe. Done. Thank you, technology.

Looking for a new domain

Looking for a new domain name? Perhaps you're looking to start an anonymous blog to which people could post snarky comments without fear of recrimination? May I suggest If you're into the communal thing, of course (if you're less red, I say go with the .com extension). The best part of this name is so many potential business-related urls are still available, meaning you can take this puppy public once you build up a "community." I think the money-making potential is, frankly, unlimited (and I'm speaking to you as a dot com executive, ya know). lists all sorts of alternatives, such as the always popular Of course, what excites me is I mean, just imagine...

I never really understood why

I never really understood why lawyers got such a bad rap. I always felt like people were being unnecessarily hard on them, what with the lawyer jokes and all. I stand corrected. Who knew the English language had so many words to say the same damn thing?

Are you a young feminist?

Are you a young feminist? Ms. Magazine is looking for women between the age of 15 and 25 to write columns for upcoming issues. Some titles for the articles I'd write if I weren't too old to submit:

     We've Come a Long Way, Baby, But Not Far Enough
     Being a Feminist Does Not Mean I Hate Men
     $0.75 != $1.00

Submit your completed article (700-1000 words) to

Oh, and did I mention

Oh, and did I mention that for the second encore, Aimee Mann sang Voices Carry? And that Michael Penn blurted out the lines from the video? Classic.

Happy birthday to you, happy

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Derek, happy birthday to you!

Sadness has settled in my

Sadness has settled in my neighborhood, at least for me. My main soy-latte-making-man Howard has parted ways from my local coffee shop. It's a total bummer for me. Going in there was such a nice start to my day, and Howard and I would shoot the shit about hip hop and the web and all kinds of stuff. I first started, or attempted to start, going to the Hugo Street Cafe over a year ago. And I went in every day (this was pre-Howard, of course). And the guy that worked in there failed to recognize me. I don't mean that he didn't know my drink, or name (like Howard did), I mean, that kind of thing does take time. But with this guy, it was like he'd never even *seen* me before. Same guy. Blank stare every morning. It was disconcerting, it were as if I didn't exist. So after about a month, I gave up going, it was too unpleasant. Some time last fall, I checked back in. And met Howard. There's something really nice about walking into a place every morning and having someone say, "hi Meg!" and start making your drink without even asking. It made me feel part of my neighborhood. It made me feel part of a community. It made me feel part of something greater. Even though I wake up alone in my bed every morning, going into that cafe reminded me that I wasn't alone in this world. And that feeling gave me the confidence to start my day with a smile.

What's the one talent you

What's the one talent you wish you had that you don't possess? For me, it's singing. I wish I could sing really well, you know, just open my mouth and the sound would be something soothing and beautiful. It doesn't have to be opera quality or anything like that, just nice. Just nice and good. I was reminded of this last night when I saw Aimee Mann and Michael Penn at Bimbo's. Mann's voice is wonderful without being overbearing, and the powerful simplicity of her lyrics blended with her acoustic strummings made for a wonderful show. Add Michael Penn (who looked uncannily like web superstar Lane Becker from our seats) in there, and I was happy listening land the whole time. Highly recommended. Oh, and they had a standup comic, Patton Oswalt, open and do stuff during the show that was pretty damn funny.

The first of two big

The first of two big announcements coming from Pyra this week: DEREK IS A FORMAL PYRATE! We couldn't be happier. I couldn't be happier. Smile smile smile.

Over the weekend, I got

Over the weekend, I got an email from my grandmother. Now both sets of grandparents are online, which is so damn cool I can barely stand it. Now if only I could get them shopping...

I'm a big dork when

I'm a big dork when it comes to movies, and somehow I always manage to *not* see the movies everyone else has seen a gazillion times. Like any movie that has Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. Like The Matrix. You get the idea. But this afternoon, feeling low-down and tired, watching the gray raindrops plopping down outside my window, I watched The Iron Giant. It was so good. And it brought a smile to my face. A big smile. I'm dying to watch it again (maybe tomorrow night), I just loved all the sequences with the Giant, especially the scenes when parts of him were opening and closing and launching and twisting and twirling and whirring and doing all those kind of Transformer-esque things that robots can do. And you know what's extra cool? My brother gave me a little plastic Giant toy tonight that I'm going to put on my desk first thing tomorrow. Also cool: the name Hogarth. If I ever have a boy, I'm going to name him Hogarth. Hogarth Hourihan. That's one weird name.

My take on having three days of vacation? Mmmm....vacation. <drool> Activities with friends sure beats work, even when work pretty much consists of activities with friends. And I always find being offline and not dealing with email and not browsing the web very refreshing. I feel recharged, and I'm quite looking forward to going back tomorrow.

My take on the Webbys? Fun enough. But the after-party was too damn cold. My top had no back (somehow this wasn't captured on any of the digital cameras in attendance that evening, I'm not sure how that's possible, but c'est la vie), and even though they piped heat into the tents, it really wasn't sufficient to keep me warm. And there was no sushi. My favorite acceptance speech? "Everyone likes the licky-licky." I like the licky-licky. And I don't even know what it is.

Jason sounds a little irreverent

Jason sounds a little irreverent in this article, if you ask me.

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