Oh my, this Open Letter

Oh my, this Open Letter to Dr. Laura is so good in so many ways, I'm not sure where to begin the complimenting.

Just because I haven't posted

Just because I haven't posted doesn't mean I don't have a lot to say.

First there was Bruce's, then

First there was Bruce's, then Veen's, and now (thanks to some minor law-breaking on my part), Kottke's.

In honor of 0sil8's fourth

In honor of 0sil8's fourth birthday today, may I recommend an episode for your viewing pleasure? 13.013 Words is my favorite 0sil8 (I think that's kind of like picking a favorite parent or child though). What makes it my favorite? The fact that it's so simple, yet so powerful. The lush image coupled with a word creates a dichotomy which derails my brain each time. Each one leaves me staring at my screen, sometimes horrified, sometimes embarrassed, sometimes smiling, but always impressed. And inspired.

I finally saw The Matrix

I finally saw The Matrix over the weekend (I know I know, I don't know how I can call myself a geek...) and I guess I agree with everyone who's said I look like Switch. I mean, our hair is the same color. And we're female. So I guess that's cool.

After four days away from

After four days away from email, what a treat to find an Eminenya song in my Inbox from Eamon in addition to the mounds of spam and work-related junk. After a four hour flight and a time change, I found myself at 12:45 am California time giggling aloud in my chair. The blend is everything I had imagined. Let's all give it up for Eamon who thankfully has more motivation and musical mixing talent than I.

Where in the world is

Where in the world is Megnut Sandiego?
They don't have Webvan where I am right now.

Have you seen the recent

Have you seen the recent Webvan tv campaign, the one that highlights some annoying aspect of supermarket shopping, like the scanner at the checkout doesn't always work, or those plastic bags in the produce section are hard to open? Did you notice that no where in the ad do they mention the URL for Webvan, or even the *concept* of Webvan, i.e. buying your groceries online? All they say is "same groceries, no store." No wonder Americans aren't flocking to buy groceries online, how do they know that service is even available? Not from watching the Webvan ads, that's for sure.

If I were in a

If I were in a good mood, and by extension, a good writing mood, I'd tell you about this funny idea of combining Eminem's lyrics and Enya's angelic, organic (I mean like from an organ, not from the earth) notes to create the powerhouse sounds of Eminenya. And I'd also probably write something about how interesting I found this statement of Jessica's, "on trips, you realize that, in everyday life, you too easily lose touch with too much," and add some observations and experiences of my own. But I'm not in the mood, so I'm not going to. Instead I'm going to say: I so can't wait to fly away on Friday and so so can't wait until the plane lands and I so so so can't wait until I step off of it.


OHMYGOD! ILOVEJASON!ILOVEJASON!ILOVEJASON! This is the most unbelievable thing ever ever ever I was jumping up and down in the office with glee and joy and excitement and all those things. Why? Because Jason sent me a 20" tall Iron Giant. I'll post pictures shortly or check the cam, I'm too busy playing right now.

Wow, I just searched all

Wow, I just searched all of my megnut posts for the word "annoy" and 0 posts were found. 0! How on earth is that possible?

I call him Botty

I call him Botty

I've kept a journal on

I've kept a journal on and off (more recently, off) since June 7, 1987. And one of the things I've always done when I've gotten a new one, somewhere within the first twenty pages or so, is to open it up to a random page towards the end and write myself a message for the future. And the funny thing is, I always forget that I've done it. Whenever I turn the page, the secret message surprises me. Last night I was surprised to find this reminder to myself from August 17, 1998: Be freer. Be happier. Make sure you've claimed your life. It's up to you. Huh. I don't know if I've succeeded in doing that.

I was going to go

I was going to go mountain climbing in India this fall, but I've decided not to. I've been struggling with this decision for a while now, unsure what to do. I was torn between doing something because I'd said I'd do it and allowing myself to change my mind. Mostly the reasons I'd wanted to go didn't seem so valid anymore. I wanted to spend time away from computers, find a better balance between work and the rest of my life, spend time challenging myself in different ways than I do day-to-day, experience another region of the world, climb some really high mountains, etc. But frankly, I feel like in the past few months, I have found a much better balance between work and my life outside of it. I do spend much more time offline. And there are other things I'd rather do with my vacation time and my vacation money, things that seem much more exciting and fun to me. Part of me feels like a big chicken. I'm not good at quitting things. Usually if I say I'm going to do something, I'll do it, no matter what. A friend pointed out that this was an opportunity for me to break free of that tendency. And he was right. It was scary to call and cancel. It was scary to back out and say, "I'm not going to go," even though there was nothing scary about the decision itself.

Hot again and I couldn't

Hot again and I couldn't be happier, the air is heavy, moist, and rich with an oceanic scent that reminds me of being little and spending bright days at the beach playing with my trucks and building tunnels in the sides of dunes. I'd gladly trade some of January's rainy days for snow if I could get more of these hot sticky summer days. I think I may live in the wrong place after all.

Today is the first day

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, or so says the sign on the house two doors down.

My bad coffee karma continues:

My bad coffee karma continues: last night as I was washing my French press coffee pot, I dropped it into my sink. Only a little though, I mean, it was a short fall, and it just really clanked against another glass. I inspected and with relief noted it was intact. A little while later, I decided to brew up a pot. I poured the boiling water in, let it sit on my countertop for about five minutes to brew, then began le press, as I like to say, it being a French press and all. Imagine my horror when boiling water blended with very fine coffee particles shot out the side of the pot, projectile-like. It took me several seconds to figure out what was happening (I was tired, that's why I was making the coffee) and I thought at first that it was coming out of the top. Then I noticed a GIANT crack along the whole side, now more of a gaping coffee wound oozing the steaming sludge onto my countertop. Note if this happens to you: don't attempt to clean it up right away. Boiling water = very hot water. Best to let it sit for a while as you slog into the living room to watch the Simpsons, which allows for ample cooling time. Then clean up the mess, and bemoan the loss of your coffee pot. And contemplate your next step. Mine? I just may buy an espresso machine. But that's a story for another time.

The best part about leaving

The best part about leaving work early because you're not feeling well? Going home and watching arena football on tv.

Talk about distancing yourself: Hillary

Talk about distancing yourself: Hillary Clinton's site for her senate campaign contains only one instance of "Clinton," at the very bottom, in very small print. Every where else she's referred to simply as Hillary. You know, like Madonna. And now that I've looked over the site a bunch of times, the word Hillary is striking me as very funny and weird. Oh the hillarity! It's interesting how that happens to a word if you focus on it too much.

So went down the

So went down the tubes (though the site still seems to be up). Boo hoo, who would have thought? But you know, this whole shakeup is a good thing. Perhaps people will start to realize that usability matters, that business models matter, that you can't just slap a www before a name and expect a company to materialize overnight like a fungus in a dark damp place. I hear it's gotten harder to get money around town these days. I hear that deals were pulled as pens were pressing down on papers. This is a good thing. Maybe people will turn their brains back on now and look to funnel money into interesting ideas and endeavors that actually improve the way we use the web.

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