You know what's silly about

You know what's silly about my new TiVo (which I'm currently setting up)? It just uses the plain old phone line. It's downloading data right now over my phone line, and I'm sitting here on my computer downloading crap way faster via DSL. Why doesn't TiVo use your DSL if you've got it? Seems like it should. Aside from that, I'm quite pleased with it so far, setting it up was a breeze, even though I've got my cable running through my VCR and into my stereo receiver, and I've got Super Nintendo hooked up too, but I just added another coax cable, moved the cable (service) cable into the TiVo and another out from TiVo into VCR, and presto! TiVo, VCR, stereo, TV, and video games: a geek girl's dream. Actually, a geek girl's real dream would include DVD. What I've got is a poor geek girl's dream.

I think I've been working

I think I've been working too much. Upon accidentally clicking a link to this blog, I was surprised to see I hadn't updated today. I was surprised because I distinctly remembering posting a picture of some pumpkins today. This morning in fact. But actually, that happened yesterday. And it turns out I hadn't posted anything today. Oy.

William's posted pics of a

William's posted pics of a review of Blogger in this month's edition of Internet Magazine. And they're large enough so you can actually read all the words. It's a good article, mostly because the author seems to understand Blogger quite well (and also because we get five stars! five! woo hoo!), which is more than can be said about some other press we've been receiving lately. Thanks Will!

pumpkintastic in wisconsin, 10.14.2000

more from the same day!
pumpkintastic in wisconsin, 10.14.2000

In the kitchen we have

In the kitchen we have a little vending machine called the Snack King. And I can reach my arm, because my arm is long and fairly skinny, right up through the dispensing chute into the back, where the wiry corkscrews release the treats held within. I can reach in and pluck a Snickers or a Quaker Chewy chocolate chip granola bar from its corkscrewey grasp. But I never do, unless I've put in my money and nothing comes out. Today jack busted me with my arm all the way up inside the King as he came into the kitchen. I'm not sure he believed me when I said I wasn't stealing.

We both like soup.

We both like soup.

Astute word-searcher and megnut reader

Astute word-searcher and megnut reader "super Atley" sends this proof-of-my-famousness photo! Thanks.

what the hell?

You know, if you wanted

You know, if you wanted to customize your categories in Newsblogger, you could. All you'd have to do is click the image that says, "customize."

autumnal gourds in wisconsin,

what a glorious afternoon!
autumnal gourds in wisconsin, 10.14.2000

If I posted anything today,

If I posted anything today, it would be a giant ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Lately I just don't post

Lately I just don't post about every redesign that happens, I'm not sure why. Probably because it's just not that interesting to me. And when I saw jack's redesigned the other day, I didn't write a word. But now I feel I must, because with jack's new design, I feel jack's found a new voice, a stronger voice--a voice that's more intimate, funnier, more confident, and just plain a pleasure to read. There are some really good words on that page these days. And I encourage you to check them out.

I'm going to be quiet

I'm going to be quiet for the next little while, for a number of reasons. I've got a ton of work to do, I mean a *ton* but it's cool stuff, it's new stuff, it's good stuff. It'll be worth it, I promise. You might even see something here in a day or two. And I'm damn sick of this design, and it's effecting my ability to write, but since I'm so busy with work stuff, I don't have time to redesign, at least not right now. You might see this design come down in a day or two. So there's stuff going on, it's all good stuff, but it means I might be quiet for the next little while. And I wanted you to know.

A ha! So that's why

A ha! So that's why they're all live/work lofts:

"A zoning loophole exempts developers of such combined-use buildings from having to contribute to a city-run fund that subsidizes schools and affordable housing," according to Carlos Romero, the executive director of the Mission Housing Development Corp. (from an article in the WSJ about Andrew Beebe and, subscription required)

Sneaky developer bastards!

Ok, I have to admit,

Ok, I have to admit, this The Pyra Shrine cracks me up. It's just so bizarre that anyone would want to make a shrine to us.

"'Live-work is supposed to be

"'Live-work is supposed to be "live" and "work," Hestor said. It's not supposed to be all "live." It's not supposed to be all "work."'" Who are these people that occupy all the live-work units springing up all over the place, living and working? I have one friend that works from home, and that's only part time, and it's because he lives so far from the City. Giving the housing crunch, it seems like it would make sense to focus on building more "live" units. Then we can do away with these complaints that people aren't "working" in their lofts, and they'll be more apartments available for the newcomers.

Hmm...that "well" below seems to

Hmm...that "well" below seems to have sneaked its way onto the blog during some testing today, guess I'll leave it just for fun. Since megnut's all about the fun fun fun!



Heather's decorated dildoes are magnificent,

Heather's decorated dildoes are magnificent, and hysterical. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tatochip told me about a

Tatochip told me about a cool browser trick that I never knew: simply type the name of the site, e.g. "megnut" and hold Ctrl as you hit enter. Presto! The browser (IE at least) fills in the rest. Try it today. Try it right now! What a day, I tell you, what else could possibly happen to make me happy? is a content-related portal is a content-related portal filled with editorial, links to content-related news and articles, and a rather ugly design. But let's not judge a book by it's cover, let's instead keep our eye on this site and see if anything interesting comes out of it.

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