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14 years?!

So today is’s 14th birthday. I can’t even wrap my head around keeping (and not keeping up) a site for that long. The good news about this announcement is that I’m back to blogging over at So you don’t have to follow on Tumblr, and maybe you’ll even get this update via RSS, or carrier pigeon, or whatever works these days.

No promises about tons more updates, but that dream still lives. I’ve been cooking great food, sewing cute clothes, and have many triumphs to share. Really. 

Fourteen years ago I never imagined I’d still be running this site, even if it’s only a few updates every blue moon. So happy birthday teenage Let’s pretend you’ve gotten your braces off and are feeling awesome today!

Why the bangs?

I noticed this:

Then this:

Why the bangs Khan? Why. The. Bangs. ?

Also where was the hair stylist on Ceti Alpha 5?

(photos from @finn)