Amazing French cotton swabs

It remains to be seen whether the best days of the French are behind them. Look at the innovations in cotton swabs underway in this country! That "Security" tip ensures you don't stick the swab deep into your child's ear. Normally I'm not worried about that but Minna has a bad habit of turning her head just as I try to clean her ear. But not with this swab, nope! You can only just get around the entrance to the ear. Frankly I'm ashamed America didn't invent this! I thought we led the world in ridiculous gear in the name of child safety, but the French have us on swabs. I'm bringing a box home, maybe more if I can fit them.

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You are so funny. These are very cool, but save the space in your suitcase for cheese and wine, they sell these here in the US.

Yes, sorry France, they are totally sold in NYC. I think they are called safety swabs. The French do have it with the packaging. Its adorable!

Really?! I've never seen them before. Where are they sold in NYC?

Here they are:
I know they have them at Babies R Us -- I got some as part of a package shower gift.

I've seen them in the baby section of the grocery store, too. Course I live in the 'burbs....

Yep, Johnson and Johnson Safety Swaps - my grocery store has em in the baby section.

Bought some at Target the last time I was in the US, so they can't be that scarce! Was Johnson & Johnson, as someone said above.

So forget the q-tips and bring home some awesome food. :)

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