Welcome Ollie Kottke

Ollie Kottke

Introducing Ollie Peter Kottke! Our son was born on July 3rd, all 7 lbs, 2 oz. and 20 inches of him. As you can see from the photo, we've both been resting a lot ever since. Things will be slow around here for a while as I settle in with my newest favorite fella. I can't tell you how cute he is, especially when he starts to cry and his bottom lip quivers and he makes this "whuh whuh whuh" sound. All of the sudden, nothing in the whole world seems as exciting as watching Ollie as he sleeps. Restaurants? Farmers markets? Food? Blogs? The web? The entire outside world? Nope, not as wonderful as our new little boy.

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Congratulations! He's absolutely beautiful. I suspect there will be a lot of food delivery in your future.

So Cute! Congratulations.

Congratulations to you and Jason! That picture says a lot.

Huge congratulations to you both. He's adorable.

If you guys keep springing things like this on your internet audience, I'm going to heave a heart attack. Happy day! Welcome, Ollie!

Congratulations! He looks adorable!

Way to keep it under wraps! Congratulations to both of you.

Congratulations to all three of you.

Great name, beautiful kid. A joyous congratulations.

My best to both you and Jason. Congrats on your new family.

Congratulations to the new family! What great news!

Congrats to all you! You are in for one fun ride.

Congratulations! Our own son was born on April 21st, similar size and length, and we love him to pieces.

hooray! anyone born on july 3rd is a good nut (it's my birthday, too) -- congratulations!

Congratulations! How wonderful!

Adorable! Congratulations to the three of you.


Make sure you feed him some foie gras soon, while you can!

And congratulations!

Congratulations! :)

congratulations! i love him! he is so cute!

Oh my god! I had no idea. Congratulations!! Enjoy your time off this summer :)

So very happy for you all! Congratulations Meg & Jason and welcome to you little Ollie.

Hey gang, let's have a party for Ollie every year. We can do it on July 4th instead so it doesn't interfere with his birthday. Sound good? :)

Congratulations! YAY FOR CUTE BABIES!!!

Parabéns, Meg e Jason!
Olli is just beautiful!

Beautiful boy! And the name is superb! Congratulations!!


Congrats! Such a cute baby :-)

All the best to the three of you!

Adorable!! We're sending love and good baby wishes to you!

That explains the lack of "running the next marathon" talk... Congratulations!


Good god, I hate babies. Why do people keep having those damn things?

Congrats meg! I'm sure he'll be raised a foodie.

Congratulations! Excellent name. Jason says he's gonna take two months off. It's not enough, trust me. Our son was born April 6 (7-11, 19.5") and my wife just returned to work after 12 weeks. Just when he's getting more interactive, you get to spend less time with him.

Take more time off, it's worth it for you, Jason, & Ollie.

Beautiful, wonderful, magical, exciting, sweet, joyous... isn't it amazing how in the midst of all the horrible things in the world, one small baby shocks us out of it and reminds us of miracles and happiness and a bright future. Congratulations!

welcome to the world!

Congratulations to all three of you. Wishing you all the best during these wonderful, amazing early days, and all the ones to come.


Congratulations, Meg! Ollie is beautiful!

Congratulations to you and Jason. You two are going to make wonderful parents.

Oh sweet Ollie. Congratulations!

Huge congratulations! We just had our first (a son, too) on June 1st, so we have a pretty good idea of what the three of you are about to go through. It's amazing, exhausting, life-changing, and so totally worth it.


Wonderful news! Many congratulations to you both!

What wonderful news! Congrats to you and to Jason and a hearty "Hello!" to Ollie. Tell him that I know from experience that July 3 is the best of all the birthdays.

Congratulations, and enjoy your time getting to know Baby Ollie. That first week after my daughter was born was easily some of the happiest time in my marriage, and my life. And if you're nursing, your love of delicious food will come right back, and hard.

Congrats to you all!! Wonderful to hear of another Kottke in the world, particularly with such erudite parents as Jason and Meg. May Ollie grow to love Kotletki ;-)

Congrats to you and Jason :)


What a gorgeous baby! Beautiful. Congratulations.

Congrats Meg!

A blessing on your heads, mazel tov, mazel tov! He is gorgeous. I'm not sure what it means when people say they want to eat babies, but I definitely have that feeling. I could eat him with a spoon! It's not literal, don't be afraid.

This is great. Congratulations! Take it from me - it only gets better from hereon.


watching kids grow up and discover the world is one of my favorite occupations, and discovering food should be a delightful experience in your home ;-)

congratz to you and jason!!!! ollie is the cutest.

i guess i wont be seeing much of you guys at ssam momofuku...


Congratulations both!

He is an unbelieveably beautiful baby. Welcome to the world, Ollie! And congratulations to Meg and Jason!

Welcome, Ollie! We'll be expecting OllieBlog within the year. Get crackin', kiddo! You've got a pedigree to uphold.

I'm so happy for you and Jason. Congratulations.

Congratulations to all three of you. Looking forward to the Ollie Blog.

Oh my gosh, I had no idea you were expecting.

Congratulations to the both of you!

How wonderful!! Many congratulations!

Thanks everyone for all the kind good wishes, we appreciate them so much. I'm happy to report that Ollie loves food so far and can't seem to get enough breast milk. I see big eating in his future. :)

What a cute baby, and the name too! Congrats Meg and Jason.

Awww... congrats Meg and Jason.

Congratulations and welcome to the world Ollie!

big hugs from belgium !!!!

If anyone somehow missed your wonderful pregnancy, they should buy the August issue of "Food and Wine" magazine and look on page 131! Ollie as a bump was not quite as cute as he is in your photograph, but you are as radiant pregnant as you are now, after the birth! May you eat many happy meals together...

So glad to hear mom, dad and baby are doing well! Congrats!

And I was getting all worried when Jason hadn't updated his site for a few days... "That's hardly happened before!" :) I thought some calamity had befallen you guys, but no, it was all good!

Congrats to you all. All the best!

Congratulations! I just hope this won't become an excuse to make human cheese.

a wonderful surprise, well done and best wishes to all three...

Congratulations! Congratualtions! Hooray! The hours spent just "watching" and getting to know my baby count among the finest and most magical moments of my life; hopefully your first summer with Ollie will be filled with the same quiet, beautiful bliss.

Congratulations (and what a great name)!!!

Congratulations! Nothing more wonderful or dear than loving your own precious baby. Happiness to the three of you.

Congrats! Please make sure you all, baby and parents, to have lots of sleep. Sleep whenever the baby is. I didn't do it when my kid was born and now he's 17 mons and i'm still lagging behind in sleep. Good luck and enjoy!

And beware of "baby fountain". It's probably the cool breeze whenever you open up the diaper, but it will happen a lot. :-)

Oh what a joyful day! All the best wishes for Ollie and his parents.

Nothing...and I mean nothing beats watching your baby sleep. Though I'm also a big fan of that "Thanks for the fresh diaper" smile.

...your finest accomplishment to date! kudos to you both, or I should say, all three of you...xo

Ah Meg, he's beautiful. Congratulations to you and Jason. Hope you get your zzzzzz's!

Congratulations Jason and Meg! Be blessed, may Ollie forever bring a greater level of joy and peace to you both!

welcome to the wide wild world, ollie. way to go, parents. can't wait to meet him.

Congratulations! My brother's new baby was being born at almost the same time. Enjoy watching Ollie discover the world, it's so much fun.

Hey, now we know for sure what "OK" stands for. The disputes are settled once and for all!

And what a neat child. Congratulations

Hello world for OK! :D

Awwww!!!!! Congratulations you two!

Congratulations to you all!

I founnd outside this site some great links


Many congratulations.


Good timing for you to get back to the market for sweet potatoes and butternut squash when he starts to eat mush.


Wow! Not sure how I stumbled on this news, but here
I am looking at the baby of an old friend. I think this is the most worthwhile blog post I've seen. ;-)
Congrats Meg. Since my son was born a few years back, my life has changed heaps...I'm sure yours will too.
enjoy...they grow fast!!!

We're at three months with our first. As a dad, there are few times more precious then when my son falls asleep on my chest... with that said, beware skin-to-skin contact. Our son attempted to latch on during some bonding time; while entertaining for the wife, I was not so pleased :-)

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Loads of love to the three of you from Ireland.

Congratulations! What a beautiful boy. And I saw your lovely photo in Food & Wine this month - what a happy mom!

Congratulations! He is beautiful and a half!

Well done, you guys! Congratulations!

Congratulations. There's a CD in supprt of Darfur out that is all John Lennon songs. "Beautiful Boy" will speak to you in a whole new way.
Seeing minature clothes on the line for the first time is a sight you'll never forget.

He's a rookie, yes, we all know, but there is a possibility of him being rookie of the year.

All the best for the future!

Congrats. I'm working on my second. The first is 18 months, so I feel your pain. They are certainly awesome. You are right though, suddenly nothing else matters but watching them sleep. Have a child is the most wonderful thing in the world. I'm still having a hard time getting over the fact that I've made this perfect little child. Check him out: http:///

If anything, my child(ren) bring me a large, large smile.

Already probably the smartest baby in New York. Congratulations you two.

Congrats on King Ollie! He so beautiful. I wish you all the happiness with the little one!

Well, color me surprised. This is amazingly great. Congratulations to the new family!

My goodness, what a wonderful surprise (and a surprise, indeed, well done!). Congratulations and all the best to the three of you!

Congratulations! Lovely name, and a lovely little boy :-)

Congratulations! he is absolutely adorable!

Que bebito tan chulo!!! Y que sorpresota!
Felicidades a los tres y Bienvenido al Mundo, Ollie!

congrats to you!

Yay! So amazing! I hope to see you and Jason blogging much less now...keep in mind that with a little one the days are long but the years are short, so savor every second.

Oh, so precious! tfu, tfu, tfu! In good health!

Aashirvada Bhava Ollieji.

[God bless you Ollie]

Congratulations Meg, Jason and little Ollie. Lang zal de leven.
Zei gesundt.

Congratulations! I got confused for a second and thought Mathowie had another kid. I'm so behind on web pioneer gossip. The last I remember you were cooking in a different state or something. Anyway, I fear that all of your blogging will start talking about your kids, like the Dooce :) Good luck with your new family.

Congratulations Meg!! I worked with you for a short time at HP in Cupertino. I'm happy to see you are doing well!

Congratulations for your new baby. Being a mother to a handsome young boy, I know how we all moms just love to keep talking about your babies. Enjoy being a mommy.

Congrats! He's cute as a button!

Great photo. I love baby pillows.

Congratuluations...and yes, a newborn (our son is going on 6 months) sure does cut into the blogging!

Enjoy every second!

Babies are indeed amazing. Enjoy every moment. It goes by very fast.

I go to Denmark and lose touch with the Internet. So happy for the three of you!


Oh my god, I didn't even know you were pregnant! CONGRATULATIONS to all three of you. (Also: Don't worry, the feeling of being stuck in the world's longest fraternity hazing ritual only lasts for two or three weeks. After that, it gets a bit better every day -- and your confidence grows along with the baby. :)



Congratulations Meg! He's adorable.

Heartfelt congratulations to you both from a longtime fan! He is precious and adorable!

Many, many congratulations to you all !

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