Vietnamese coffee brewing cupIt's hot outside, which means it's time to start drinking Vietnamese Iced Coffee, or ca phe sua da. If you've never had it before, you're in for a treat. It tastes like drinking melted coffee ice cream! I've got the little coffee brewing cup that I purchased in Saigon, so I need to get to the store today for coffee beans and condensed milk. How had I forgotten about this treat until now?!

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My sister and I both love this drink. Thanks to our support group, we're no longer as addicted; at least, that's what we tell them. I was thinking about making a dessert using this coffee and now, I think I've got an idea!


Could someone suggest a quick recipe so I may try my hand at it?

Alyce, if you click on the link (where it says "Vietnamese Iced Coffee" with the underline) there's a recipe for it! :)

The local Asian place here in Santa Fe, Jinja, got me hooked on Vietnamese Coffee as a dessert treat.

I never considered chilling it down! I'll pull out my little silver widget and try it out this evening. Thanks!

True Vietnamese iced coffee calls for a standard, pre--ground Vietnamese brand. Trung Nguyen, or the Du Monde with chicory is quite popular. Lucky for you, these are quite cheap ($4 for 12oz) at many Vietnamese grocery stores.

If you get this at a Vietnamese restaurant, be forewarned in that it's often extremely sweet and cloying. They'll often use 1/2 coffee, 1/2 condensed milk.

I'm so embarrassed. Thx.

No problem! :)

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