Modern commercial turkey varieties have also lost much of their natural ability to forage for food, fly, walk normally, and to escape predators. Wikipedia has lots of information about domesticated turkeys.

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WKRP taught me long ago that turkey's can't fly:


My older relatives, who were farmers, claimed that domesticated turkeys are so dumb that during a rain storm of sufficent strength they risk drowning by throwing their heads back, mouths wide open, to see what's going on.

Sound pretty dodgy to me, but, then, who's heard of a smart turkey?

You forgot 'breed'.

Oh. Sorry, I missed the previous posts.

A must read on this subject: Barbara Kingsolver's new book, "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life" which is about her family's move to a farm in rural Appalachia and their quest to only eat food they produced or could source from within a 100 mile radius of their farm. Very interesting. Great turkey-raising stories!

KRD, that's next on my list of books to read. I just have to finish my current book. I can't wait to check it out, it sounds perfect for me.

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